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Indonesia.16 Sep 2021.3 min read

The digibank Digital Credit Card allows customers to have more quality time

digibank by DBS invites customers to enjoy digital banking from the palm of their hand

Digital credit card allows customers to make positive contribution to the environment

Indonesia, 16 Sep 2021 - Bank DBS Indonesia launched the digibank Digital Credit Card, the first digital card in Indonesia that allows customers to get approval for credit card applications and agreed credit limits in just 60 seconds. After biometric verification is done, customers can use the digibank Digital Credit Card to conduct various e-commerce and e-wallet transactions while waiting for the physical card to be sent.

Rudy Tandjung, Consumer Banking Director, PT Bank DBS Indonesia, noted that there is a gap between the available credit card services and today’s lifestyle, notably that of millennials, with a strong shift from offline to online transactions. “We notice that the gap has resulted in a relatively stagnant credit card growth and opened up great potential. In view of the existing needs, and as a purpose-driven bank, and in line with digibank by DBS’ commitment to providing sustainable solutions for customers and communities, we believe that the launch of the digibank Digital Credit Card is the answer that can satisfy customer needs digitally.”

digibank by DBS focuses not only on developing its business but also on continuously striving to have a positive impact, including through the launch of the digibank Digital Credit Card that will simplify the life of customers so that customers can:

  1. Create more quality time 

In line with the findings of the digibank Usability Test Finding 2019, that the majority of respondents want fast information about credit card application approvals and credit limits. Saylent's 2019 findings also emphasize that millennials value time efficiency, convenience, and experience on top of everything else.

Previously, customers needed to wait 3-5 days to find out whether or not their application was approved and the agreed limit. Today, to help customers achieve time efficiency, digibank presents the digibank Digital Credit Card with #Approval60Detik, thus reducing the length of time customers spend waiting to find out whether or not their applications are approved. Customers can use digital cards to conduct online transactions after performing biometric verification without having to wait for the physical credit card to arrive. They can also monitor the physical card delivery status through the digibank by DBS application.

  1. Enjoy digital banking in the palm of your hand 

The features of the digibank by DBS application that can be accessed 24/7 allow customers to fully control their finances, such as by setting credit card limits, options of different installment tenor according to need, monitoring of information on transactions and installments, to organizing automatic routine bill payments. These features are designed to meet the aspirations of the millennials who, according to digibank Usability Test Finding 2019, want control over expenses, as well as good cash flow management so they can pay their bills and installments on time.

In addition, the 24/7 access also makes it easier for customers to exchange rewards points, withdraw funds from the available credit card balance, create and activate physical credit card pins, increase credit card limits, and update customer data.

  1. Make a positive contribution to the environment

 Bank DBS Indonesia continues to create innovations that are in line with customers’ desire to make changes to help protect the environment. The digibank Digital Credit Card allows customers to participate in efforts to achieve sustainable environment by reducing carbon emissions, minimizing paper use by moving various administrative processes such as filling out applications and increasing credit limits to digital processes using the digibank by DBS application. These continuous innovations underline digibank by DBS’ commitment to customers and the communities in which it operates to facilitate banking activities to spare customers the need to deal with physical documents or a visit to a branch office.

Riko Abdurrahman, President Director, PT Visa Worldwide Indonesia, said, “Visa welcomes and is proud to be able to support the launch of the Digibank Digital Credit Card. Our vision to support the government to achieve a cashless society can be realized faster through this kind of collaboration. Visa's Consumer Payment Attitudes survey shows that Indonesians are among the most confident that a cashless life, or at least a less cash society, can be achieved in just about five years, accelerated by the pandemic. We appreciate DBS' move to present the latest breakthrough in the very fast credit card approval and card limit agreement so that people are more comfortable in transacting digitally."

"The launch of the digibank Digital Credit Card is in line with the mission of digibank by DBS, which is to create sustainable innovations, present an easy and comfortable customer journey, and transform customers' lives so that they can contribute positively to making a better world with Bank DBS Indonesia," said Ari Lastina, Head of Card Business, PT Bank DBS Indonesia.



About DBS
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Recognised for its global leadership, DBS has been named “World's Best Bank” by Euromoney, “Global Bank of the Year” by The Banker and “Best Bank in the World” by Global Finance. The bank is at the forefront of leveraging digital technology to shape the future of banking, having been named “World’s Best Digital Bank” by Euromoney and the world’s “Most Innovative in Digital Banking” by The Banker. In addition, DBS has been accorded the “Safest Bank in Asia” award by Global Finance for 12 consecutive years from 2009 to 2020.

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