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Bank DBS Indonesia holds vaccination program and distributes work-from-home essentials to employees as well as donates to communities affected by the pandemic

Indonesia, 06 Oct 2021 - The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the performance of various sectors, including the economic sectors. Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani said in a webinar entitled "Synergy to Restore the Country" in Jakarta (5/4/2021) that the pandemic will continue to affect or disrupt the economy until 2022. However, the government also said that strict health protocols could support the resumption of social and economic activities in the second quarter of 2021. In view of the spread of Covid-19 and its impact on society, Bank DBS Indonesia, as a purpose-driven bank that aims at having a positive impact on society, supports the government’s programs to deal with the pandemic and break the chain of Covid-19 transmission.

Bank DBS Indonesia’s support is translated into various measures, from prevention efforts to donations to employees and the public. The following are some of the support actions taken by Bank DBS Indonesia during the pandemic:

  1. Heed appeals for support of government programs by facilitating vaccinations for employees, families and household members.

Bank DBS Indonesia facilitates vaccinations through collaborative programs with various relevant government agencies and banking associations, not only for employees but also for all their family members who live in the same household, including household assistants. To date, 90% of Bank DBS Indonesia’s employees have received the first dose. Bank DBS Indonesia’s vaccination program for employees started in June 2021 and is still ongoing.

  1. Ensure employee health by implementing strict health protocols
  • Distribution of “my care” packages 

Employees are the company’s single, most valuable asset in its quest for sustainability. Safety and comfort during the trip to the office and back home is a top priority. In response to the pandemic situation, Bank DBS Indonesia distributed the first round of care packages containing masks, vitamin C and hand sanitizers to Bank DBS Indonesia employees at the beginning of the pandemic last year. The care package comes in a small bag that is easy to carry anywhere. The same packages were then re-distributed with additional masks to provide protection for employees. The packages are expected to provide a sense of comfort and safety for employees who still have to work outside home and help prevent the spread of Covid-19 for the safety of all.

This year, we distributed cloth masks to all employees in sufficient quantities so that they can also be used by family members at home.

  • Provision of vitamins and medical check-ups through General iFlex

Every DBS employee who meets the requirements is entitled to General iFlex benefits in the form of a budget allocation that can be used by employees to get medical check-ups, purchase glasses, and other matters related to employee health. Starting in March 2020, the benefits also cover the purchase of immune boosters, personal protective needs such as masks and hand sanitizers, and medical support equipment at home such as thermometers and oximeters, as well as independent medical check-ups when there are employees who want to get a Covid test for himself/herself and his/her family members. 

  • Efforts to implement Work From Home (WFH)

As we all know, banking is one of the industries mandated by the government to remain open during the PPKM period. By continuing to prioritize employee safety and ensuring excellent service for customers, Bank DBS Indonesia made serious efforts to implement work from home for most of its employees.

The effort is supported by strong infrastructure as well as a good work culture. With technology and good human resources quality, work can still be completed and productivity can be maintained while health risks are kept to the minimum. As of the end of September 2021, 75% of DBS Indonesia’s employees have been working from home.

  • Care Initiative

The WFH arrangement means that employees must get used to working from home. DBS Indonesia understands that not all employees have adequate work facilities in their home. Therefore, the Bank allocates funds for employees to pay for their internet bills and transportation allowance for employees who still have to go to the office and do not have personal vehicles. These funds are used at the discretion of each line manager to facilitate employees who work from home. Work facilities that support WFH, such as desks, work chairs and cabinets, laptop accessories, can be purchased using the funds allocated through General iFlex.

  • Implementation of international hygiene standards in office area

Viruses and bacteria can be spread through objects or areas that are touched by a lot of people, such as door handles, stair railing, elevator buttons, work desks, teller tables, ATMs, and many more. Cleaning public areas with strict health standards and protocols is one way to curb the spread of Covid-19. Bank DBS Indonesia sprays antimicrobial fluid on all high-touch points, such as ATMs, teller tables, bank form desks, door handles, stair railing, elevator buttons, and other areas, and hourly sprays disinfectant fluid on ATMs, teller tables and bank form tables, door handles, stair railing, elevator buttons and other areas. An antimicrobial fluid is a coating applied to prevent bacteria and viruses from sticking for a maximum of 90 days. The same antimicrobial coating is also used across Changi Airport, Singapore. 

  • Ready to provide medical assistance

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 while ensuring safety within Bank DBS Indonesia, Bank DBS Indonesia is ready to provide medical assistance for all employees to maintain their physical and mental health.

Employees can participate in online discussions on wellness through webinars. In addition, employees can access online doctor consultation services through a teleconsultation platform made available in collaboration with our insurance providers.

Furthermore, according to the Bank’s Covid handling protocols, when employees show symptoms of Covid-19, they can contact the Human Resources division that will arrange the Rapid and (Polymerase Chain Reaction) PCR Swab tests.

This year, we added a free teleconsultation service made available in collaboration with well-known teleconsultation providers for employees exposed to Covid-19 to provide oxi-cans, oxygen cylinders and concentrators. We also collaborate with private ambulance services that can take Covid-19 patients in critical conditions to two different hospitals.

Responding to the latest conditions of Covid-19 patients, we provide easy financing for self-isolation costs that can be claimed as in-hospital bills covered by the health insurance owned by employees.

The pandemic is a period when our main focus is to take care of each other in terms of health and safety through the TOGETHER movement. As a responsible banking institution, we, together with our employees, always put forward the desire to create a safe and comfortable work environment while trying to curb the spread of Covid-19 through our health protocols.

  1. Supporting employee welfare during WFH through the distribution of home office setups

Bank DBS Indonesia has also distributed maintenance packages and procured 850 new laptops supported by IT and digital infrastructure improvements for employees to work from home, providing internet connections and extending claims for costs incurred for home office setups, such as chairs, headsets, and other computer accessories, to facilitate remote work. To further support employees during the pandemic, transportation is provided for employees who are required to work in the office.

  1. Donate to affected communities

In July 2021, Bank DBS Indonesia donated 1,000 oxygen concentrators through the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia to provide additional support for hospitals that treat patients with respiratory conditions. Bank DBS Indonesia also collaborated with Garda Pangan, one of the social enterprises assisted by DBS Foundation, to donate 1,312 packages worth Rp100,000 with a total donation value of Rp131,200,000 on a regular basis to 5,252 affected elderly, widows, laborers, stevedores, online motorcycle taxi drivers, cleaners, pedicab drivers, and shelters for ex-leprosy sufferers in areas around Surabaya, Malang, and Sidoarjo. The donation program was carried out over a period of 12 months, from July 2020 to June 2021.

Bank DBS Indonesia through "DBS Stronger Together Fund" in 2020 also donated medical equipment and food packages worth SGD2.5 million to people affected by the pandemic. The donation consisted of more than 380,000 meals for 8,000 households, mainly for breadwinners working as daily wage workers such as public transport drivers, street vendors, and part-time teachers through Foodbank of Indonesia (FOI). In addition, Bank DBS Indonesia also distributed 300,000 meals to daily wage workers through the Confederation of Indonesian Prosperous Labor Unions (KSBSI).

“We believe that helping each other and working together is the key to facing the challenges that arise from Covid-19. In these difficult times, we recognize our role as a bank in supporting our employees, customers and the wider public.Therefore, the various initiatives we undertake underscore our commitment as a purpose-driven bank, demonstrating our concern for the welfare of employees and the public as an important part of our business continuity,” said Executive Director, Head of Group Strategic Marketing & Communications, PT Bank DBS Indonesia, Mona Monika.

Being a purpose-driven bank that gives a positive impact is the DNA of Bank DBS Indonesia. Therefore, DBS Bank continues to innovate to become a bank that prioritizes a balance between economic, social and environmental (Economy, Social, Governance-ESG) aspects. Bank DBS Indonesia makes these efforts out of the awareness of its role as a financial institution that runs a sustainable business for future generations and the environment. Through these efforts, Bank DBS Indonesia hopes to create a better world.



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