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DBSF Grant Form 2022

Contact Information

e.g. founder, chief operating officer, etc.
Country Code (e.g +65)
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About your company

Indicate business name in English as per official registration document
Optional field to indicate local language business name as per official registration
Company registration number as per official registration document.
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Please select country of incorporation according to official business registration documents.
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About your social / environmental impact 

Describe your social / environment impact concisely

What are the social / environmental outcomes that you have achieved in 2021

About your business 

  • Include details on business model, product/service offering, customer segments, unique proposition, target market size, impact focus and outcomes, etc. 

  • How is your product/service differentiated from others? 

  • Who are your competitors?  

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Who are the core team members of the company? 

Insert LinkedIn profile URLs 

Proposal for the use of grant

Grant amount must be in Singapore dollars and must not exceed SGD 250,000
  • What social / environmental impact will be achieved over the 2 years? 

  • At what level will the impact be achieved? Is it at the systemic level where policies, processes, structures are changed or community level where the needs of the individuals or a community are met? Please provide details. 

  • What are the key milestones and outcomes over the 2 years? 

  • How will the grant be allocated and used to achieve the impact? 

  • How will the impact be scaled/sustained after 2 years? 

  • What business growth outcomes will be achieved over the 2 years? 

  • What are the growth areas for your business? Is it in revenue, productivity, market expansion, number of persons you worked with or served, number of services or products, etc. Please provide details. 

  • What are the key milestones and outcomes over the 2 years? 

  • How will the grant be allocated and used to achieve business growth? 

  • How will the business growth be scaled/sustained after 2 years? 

What are the people and partnership outcomes you want to achieve in 2 years? 

You may download the pitch deck template as a guide for preparing your presentation. Only PDF format smaller than 4 MB in size is accepted.  

Introduction Videos 

Videos will help us to understand what you are doing better. You may submit video links about your business, products or give a one-minute introduction about yourself and why you are applying for the grant 


Examples include prize monies, grants, VC investments, philanthropic donations, working capital loans, etc. 

Annual Financial Statement 1

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Annual Financial Statement 2

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  • declare that all the facts stated in this form and the accompanying information is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and that we have not withheld/distorted any material facts. 

  • declare that I/we do not have any political or religious agenda and/or affiliations. 

  • represent, warrant and undertake that our submission of the proposal set out herein is compliant to applicable laws and will not result in a breach of any agreement(s) with any third party and/or infringe any third party’s right(s). 

  • understand that if we obtain funding by false/misleading statements/partial disclosure not in line with the funding intent, DBS Foundation reserves the right to immediately withdraw the grant and recover from our organisation any amount of the funding the full amount of funds that DBS Foundation may have disbursed to us. 

  • am/are willing to provide any additional supporting documentation and/or evidence that may be required to verify the information provided aboveherein. 

  • understand that this is an application to be assessed for possible funding by DBS Foundation and I/We consent to the use and processing of information provided herein for said purpose, including but not limited to sharing of such information within DBS Foundation and/or DBS Bank Ltd. Some of the information provided in the document could be sensitive and shall remain confidential unless I/we agree to its release. 

  • agree that DBS Foundation retains full discretion in deciding which organisation or project it wishes to award grant toward and its reasons for doing so. 


By submitting this form and subsequent related articles, pictures and/or videos to DBS Foundation, I/we hereby give consent to DBS Foundation for the purpose of collection, use and disclosure of the Applicant’s personal data for the Grant application. 


I/We have read and understood the terms and conditions of the application. 

Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) 

Successful submissions will receive an auto-generated email acknowledgement of receipt.

Connect with us if you face any technical issues with the application.