We're hunting Zodiac Animals in Singapore! | In The Moment: Episode 21

BY DBS, 10 FEB 2021

Hunting Zodiac animals all around Singapore? We had to join in on the fun!

Join host Nadia & special guest Debra as they challenge each other to POSB’s Hunt Your Zodiac game. The goal: To see who can catch more animals in an hour. Who will emerge victorious?

With this year’s Chinese New Year being a little different for everyone, you can still stay connected with family & friends, keep the festive spirit alive and even win some extra Ang Baos with digital games like these.

You too can join in the island-wide hunt and stand a chance to win up to $8,888 this Chinese New Year. You’ll also be able to get special Zodiac predictions specific to your element every time you catch a Zodiac animal!

The POSB Hunt Your Zodiac game is available from 10-14 Feb 2021. You can start playing here.

We wish everyone a prosperous & meaningful Chinese New Year as you usher in the year of the Ox. Huat Ah!

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