The one where we talk about money | In The Moment: Episode 23

BY DBS, 12 MAR 2021

This International Women's Day, we took a closer look at why it's so important for women to be financially independent.

This brought us on a walk down memory lane and revisiting the hit TV series FRIENDS. Those who watch the show would know that its strong female leads had many memorable moments which became valuable lessons for women at different life stages.

So it was only fitting that for this episode of "In The Moment", we visited Central Perk Café and had a chat with Lorna Tan, Head of Planning Financial Literacy at DBS. She shared some tips on how women can empower themselves to take charge of their personal finances, and take their finances to the next level.

For more tips on how to better track, protect and grow your money, check out the DBS NAV Planner.

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