What if we are how we eat? | Future Tense: Episode 4

BY DBS, 25 Nov 2020

As Covid-19 moved across borders, various countries faced challenges with food as supply chains were abruptly cut. Even as farms were forced to throw away hundreds of tonnes of produce, many people, especially those in need, were facing food shortages.

It was an exaggerated glimpse into what the world was already facing before the pandemic struck. The business of food failing the basic function of food – which is to feed.

Our guests today look at inequity and imbalance through the lens of our food system, while calling for change in the future of our society. Because what if we aren’t what we eat, but how we eat?

Full transcript here.

Sunny Verghese, co-founder and group CEO of Olam International
Elaine Heng is CEO (Retail Business) FairPrice Group
Carolyn Steel, author, researcher and thought leader on food sustainability and urban systems

They were part of the DBS Asian Insights Conference 2020, on the panel ‘Food for All – Building a Food-secure Future’, with Mikkel Larsen, Chief Sustainability Officer at DBS moderating.

01:45 – “Today, the global food and agricultural system is clearly broken”
07:07 – A free market has produced a system where cheap food is the expectation.
10:00 – Are consumers actually willing to pay for better food?
12:03 – If countries are willing to change, why aren’t we seeing it happen?
14:37 – A new vision of a good life
17:29 – Growing each of our environmental intelligence to make the change we need

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