Companies as places of wellbeing and re-defining productivity | Future Tense: Episode 3

BY DBS, 10 Nov 2020

Our guests return to discuss the role of work and its meaning in our modern lives. As Covid-19 inadvertently shifted the employer's focus on employee well-being, it also brought up shifts in how we measure and define success at work.

Full transcript here.

Ben Hamley, Future of Work Lead, Asia-Pacific, JLL
Lynn Dang, HR Lead, Microsoft Singapore
Borko Kovacevic, CMO & COO, Microsoft Singapore

1:40 – Companies to become places of well-being
4:50 – Taking the opportunity to address mental health in Asian workplaces
8:15 – “that's not a benefit anymore... It's a critical piece of infrastructure”
10:50 – Balancing between security and work anywhere
12:00 – Hybrid job roles
14:31 – Re-defining “good” performance

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