SG’s version of head-to-tail eating: prawn noodles! | In the Moment Episode 37

BY DBS, 18 MAY 2022

“Eat everything on your plate!” — sounds all too familiar? You must have grown up with an Asian mum.

Turns out, your mama was one step ahead in saving money and the environment!

In the latest episode of #InTheMoment, Nadia visits Chinatown Complex Food Centre to learn how a hawker uses his key ingredient -- from head to tail -- to make Singapore's iconic prawn noodles.

Together with Lam Chee Kin, DBS’ Managing Director & Head of Legal and Compliance, Nadia learns how the hawker saves unwanted prawn heads from a wet market to enhance the flavour of his broth. Chee Kin, who was recently on Episode 3 of #MasterChef Singapore, also dishes our #zerofoodwaste cooking tips shared with contestants on the show.

But can he answer Nadia’s tough trivia questions on how to use perishable foods before they become stale?

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