Hawker Stories: A family that invokes the kampung spirit and preserves Malay heritage through food


Led by Mdm Fauziah, the passionate crew at Rendang Nation dish out delectable rendang, lontong and other beloved recipes to eager customers who arrive even before the stall opens. Here’s their story.

The rich aromas of a well-cooked Rendang waft through the air each morning at One Punggol Hawker Centre.

It can only be Madam Fauziah Isnin, a third-generation hawker at Rendang Nation, expertly stirring a secret blend of over 15 spices into 15-20 kg of beef. 

Rendang Nation is a time capsule, a portal to the past. Delving deep into family history, Madam Fauziah, 56, recalls how her grandparents ran a food pop-up stall in the 1940s, how her mother maintained a canteen stall at junior college, and her personal venture with her husband to start their own hawker stall when she was just 24. 

The baton is now being passed to her son Ziyan, who works with her at the stall, and her daughter, previously a home-based baker. Together, they aim to preserve the rich, traditional flavours of their grandparents' era while adapting to the evolving dynamics of the modern world.

At the heart of Rendang Nation is the eponymous Rendang, a dish that has been meticulously perfected over generations. 
Crafted with a unique blend of spices and cooked meticulously over medium fire for two to three hours, it has a distinct flavour that keeps customers coming back for more. Every bite evokes a nostalgic memory of 'kampung' days. Even the younger clientele are pleasantly surprised with the authentic, old school taste, expecting an older chef behind such traditional fare.

But Rendang Nation isn't stuck in the past. In a subtle nod to the digital age, the team has embraced digital payment solutions. The integration of DBS PayLah! has brought a new wave of convenience to the customers, whether they're young tech-savvy individuals or seniors guided by younger patrons in the queue. 

The benefits have been two-fold. Rendang Nation has seen an increasing number of families joining the queue and a noticeable uptick in Friday sales due to DBS’ hawker meal subsidy. The stall sees an increased revenue boost by about 15% on Fridays, and customers can order dishes they normally would not have ordered to save on costs.
The Rendang Nation's story is one of heritage, passion, and resilience, powered by the love for authentic flavours and driven by the community spirit. As Ziyan puts it, running Rendang Nation is his calling. 

The aim is to grow the business to the next level and improve together as a family, preserving a slice of Singapore's culinary heritage for the next generation. An embodiment of the old and the new, Rendang Nation continues its culinary journey, uniting communities over a shared love for good food – while making sure it's a breeze to pay for.


DBS has extended our SGD 3 subsidy on hawker meals every Friday for the first 100,000 diners who pay with DBS PayLah! till 26 July 2024. DBS is committed to helping our customers reduce their rising expenses, against the backdrop of ongoing economic uncertainties and inflation. Visit go.dbs.com/sub3 to learn more.

Madam Fauziah Isnin and family run Rendang Nation at One Punggol Hawker Centre, 1 Punggol Drive, #02-08. Opening hours: 8am-5pm, closed on Mondays.

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