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DBS is partnering The Singapore Food Bank to provide meals for the elderly and low-income families who have been hard hit by the Covid-19 outbreak. PHOTO: The Singapore Food Bank

“Though we may not have enough money at times, at least my grandchildren and I needn’t worry about going hungry”

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Cooking for three persons daily is a tiring affair for Madam Tan Kwee Choon, 68. She also handles the housework in her rental flat, where she lives with two grandchildren, aged 13 and 17.

Though she receives a monthly allowance from her son for household and living expenses, she is frugal and spends carefully to ensure she has enough to buy essential items such as food and groceries, as well as pay to see a doctor should anyone fall sick.

The Covid-19 outbreak has further strained her family’s finances, as her son’s job as a delivery man was affected. He now earns less with fewer orders since he is paid on a per-delivery basis.

Part of the family’s burden was lifted on April 13 when social workers from THK Family Service Centre @ Jurong approached her and arranged for meals to be delivered to her and her grandchildren twice a day, three times a week.

“Receiving these meals has helped me a lot. Though we may not have enough money at times, at least my grandchildren and I needn’t worry about going hungry,” says Madam Tan. “It also helps me to stay home more during this pandemic since I cook less and don’t have to buy groceries as often.”

To aid low-income families and the elderly like Madam Tan, who have been deeply impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak, DBS is providing sponsored meals as part of the DBS Stronger Together Fund. The meals are delivered by The Food Bank Singapore under the Feed the City – DBS Edition initiative.


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