Who We Are

Group Audit strives to bring an independent voice of reason undergirded by logic and data. This is to provide the board, management and regulators with objective assurance, balanced perspective and insights.

In Group Audit, we are in the forefront of transforming the way we work through our people, methods and tools. We adopted Agile and digitised the audit process. With a collaborative mindset, we work together with our stakeholders to uncover risks and are the trusted advisor of the Bank.

Complementing Agile, our digital initiatives leverage on data analytics (ranging from rule-based analytics to AI) to enhance our productivity and effectiveness in providing audit assurance. It turns our insights into foresights.

In 2018, Group Audit achieved the top rating in the Bank-wide employee engagement survey. This reflects the culture and work experience of the department. What is important to you matters to us as we create a better work experience.


What You Can Do

As part of the Group Audit team, you will be a trusted advisor for DBS in uncovering risks and improving controls. We look for professionals who have strong domain knowledge, Agile mindset and embrace the Bank’s PRIDE! values with passion for raising the bar on risks & controls.

With a career in Group Audit, you will be exposed to different business and support functions across different countries in DBS. What better way to learn about DBS than with us?


Meet The Team

“My journey with Group Audit has been exciting with immense learning opportunity as I build on the experience I gained from front office. I am encouraged to challenge the status quo and drive changes around the way we conduct audit. The application of digital tools and agile approach in auditing is unique & amazing. It is an excellent platform to understand the diverse credit portfolios and risk environment of various geographies. In addition, regional audits encourage knowledge sharing across countries which helps me expand my horizons! I am glad to be a part of an agile, data driven and a fun-loving team.”

-- Vishal Tribrewala (Singapore)


“I have the privilege of pioneering the Agile auditing approach in Group Audit. It has been a game changing experience for me as it challenges one to re-think and change the way we work.

Traditionally, auditors work in silo and communicate to stakeholders on a need-to basis. This has evolved in Agile auditing where auditors collaborate with stakeholders to uncover risks while engaging them throughout the audit process, yet maintaining Audit’s independence. It will translate to greater assurance and insights for the board, management and regulators.”

-- Ronnie Koh (Singapore)


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Fun with Audit
Being People of Purpose with Group Audit
Being People of Purpose with Group Audit
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