Effective Cyber Security Practices - 5 Benefits for Individuals and Organizations

A century ago, a suggestion that people all over the world will interact and exchange information irrespective of physical and geographical distances would have been ridiculed as mere fantasy. Today, the cyber world has transformed our lives.

However, the technology that allows you to communicate with a friend on the other side of the world can also be used for con you into disclosing private information online. While solutions like Dropbox facilitate real-time sharing of data, hackers can exploit 24x7-connectivity to steal private data stored on your unprotected computer.

A 2014 report by Center for Strategic and International Studies and McAfee, a fully-owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation indicates that cyber crime is causing the global economy to lose more than $400 billion every year. This data underlines the importance of focusing cyber security. Integrating safe practices in your online lifestyle can help you enjoy numerous benefits and advantages.

1. Financial Savings

In case of an ongoing attack on your computer or IT infrastructure, your first step should be to disconnect the device from the Internet as this is the most effective way to prevent further loss of data

Identity theft can allow a stranger to clean out your bank account. Submitting credit card data to unreliable sites can lead to significant liabilities. Firms that ignore online safety may end up being forced to allocate a lot of resources towards remedial and preventive measures. Recognizing the importance of online safety will help you enjoy the twin benefits of preventing theft and avoidance of unnecessary expenses on the remedial measures.

2. Peace of Mind

Accessing the Internet without an antivirus program or opting for simple and easy-to-crack passwords is the virtual equivalent of going on a vacation without locking your front door. Your safety will become a matter of luck and chance. Following effective cyber security rules and practices guarantees peace of mind. Simple steps like changing passwords frequently, paying for a quality antivirus program, and learning more about the potential risks of disclosing information to hackers and phishers will guarantee peace of mind.

3. Business Goodwill and Credibility

For a commercial organization, cyber crime can lead to significant loss of goodwill and credibility. With cyber crime becoming a global phenomenon, absence of sound security policies will reflect poorly on your goodwill and credibility in the global market. Any organization seeking steady and sustainable growth cannot achieve its goals if it fails to protect its customers’ data.

Creating security-consciousness amongst its employees and investing in robust security technologies will avoid instances loss of data due to hacking, phishing, or inadvertent leakage of information. An organization that fails to maintain cyber safety will quickly lose the confidence of its customer, and may not survive for long in today’s competitive environment.

4. Strategic Benefit

Cybercrime is often described as a tax on innovation. A victim of cybercrime will be hesitant to explore and rely on new technologies. We are rapidly moving towards a world where Internet of Things will allow automatic communication between machines, and big data analytics will create safer, better, and a more productive life. Without cyber security, you may end up too scared to enjoy the strategic benefits of new beneficial technologies.

5. Foundation for the Future

Paying attention to cyber security is the most effective way to help the next generation understand the importance of virtual safety. Today, youngsters are at risk of numerous cyber threats ranging from hackers trying to encourage inadvertent disclosure of private information to individuals resorting to cyber bullying, harassment, and social embarrassment. A proactive approach towards cyber security will help the next generation imbibe lessons that will help them deal with such challenges in a confident and effective manner.


Cyber security involves something more than mere passive compliance with pre-determined safe practices. Cybercrime is evolving and the best way to maintain cyber security is to adopt a proactive approach towards virtual security at all times. Effective cyber security offers financial, social, practical, and strategic benefits in the present as well as in the future.

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