4 Important Steps That All Cyber Crime Victims Must Take

There has been a 350% surge in cyber crime cases registered in India*. From crude phishing emails to sophisticated malware attacks, the thefts are designed to steal private data or disrupt access to your systems

Factors like high-speed internet connectivity, increase in smartphones usage, and lack of awareness about Internet security often play a role in consumers falling prey to cyber criminals.

While it is advisable to be safe and secure, it is equally important to know what to do when you become a victim of cyber crime.

Here are some ACTions you should take to minimise the risk.

1. Disconnect and Detach

In case of an ongoing attack on your computer or IT infrastructure, your first step should be to disconnect the device from the Internet as this is the most effective way to prevent further loss of data

In case of cyber bullying or cyber stalking, one should simply step away from the screen before proceeding to initiate legal action.

In the event of a successful phishing attack where you are conned into revealing private and confidential information, you should immediately initiate steps like:

  • Freeze your bank accounts and credit cards
  • Alter your Internet and mobile banking passwords
2. Take Legal Action

Do not ignore and delay the process, initiate legal action even as you are trying to minimise the negative consequences of the cyber crime. Contact your local Cyber Crime Investigation Cell to file a written complaint against the cyber criminals. Provide detailed information about:

  • Nature of the crime
  • Extent of damage
  • Relevant documents, data, and other information relevant to the compliant

Never make the mistake of presuming that cyber criminals cannot be caught. Provisions under the Information Technology Act and the Indian Penal Code define cyber crime as a punishable offence. Complaint against a crime committed in Delhi can be filed even in Mumbai. Hence, don’t delay filing the complaint because the cyber crime occurred when you were out of town.

3. Inform your Contacts

Theft of your virtual identity can be misused by the cyber criminals to steal information and data from all your online contacts. Use social media to spread word about the incident. This simple step will minimise risk of your identity being misused to commit further crimes, and will ensure better awareness about cyber crime amongst your friends and relatives.

4. Take Preventive Steps for the Future

Install licensed antivirus software, use a strong password with a combination alpha numeric characters and never disclose your banking details to anyone.

While cyber thefts continue to remain a challenge and no one is immune to it, however the right ACTion at the right time will definitely help reduce the damage.

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