Treasury & Markets - Foreign Exchange

Hedge and trade FX through our dedicated sales team.

DBS provides a full suite of products and an exceptional level of service to clients investing and hedging in the Asian and global foreign exchange markets.

In today’s markets, DBS understands how currency volatility may impact risk management and investment strategies. Using our extensive FX and FX Derivatives product suite, we can assist you to determine the optimal approach to manage your currency exposures and enhance your returns in a manner consistent with your investment objectives.

With a regional currency and rates trading team catering to our clients' needs in key Asian markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. DBS London is able to offer comprehensive, integrated professional FX services and FX products to clients. Our FX services are fully available in various electronic venues in addition to traditional mediums.

As one of the top players in CNY/CNH FX products, DBS is committed to provide CNY/CNH risk management solutions to our clients looking to engage in investment or hedging cross border business using a variety of vanilla and exotic instruments.