Corporate Banking

DBS London Corporate Banking’s primary focus is to leverage DBS Group’s expertise and presence in Asia to assist UK and European based corporate clients to improve their connectivity in our core markets in Greater China, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

The Corporate Banking division consists of coverage relationship teams, which are split into the following sectors:

DBS London’s Commodities Team provides support for our clients’ trade and working capital needs locally and aims to promote the Bank’s geographic capabilities across Asia. Areas of particular focus include DBS’s Trade Finance, Cash Management, Syndications, Treasury & Markets, M&A, and Debt Capital Markets businesses.

We have been actively engaged in the Commodities sector for over 15 years, with the London office responsible for the global relationship management of many of the world’s largest trading companies who typically occupy a top 5 position in their respective markets and whose activities span:

  • Energy traders
  • Agriculture
  • Metals and Minerals

We have built a reputation for consistency and stability where relationships are key and our service levels differentiate us from our competitors. Strategically we expect to rank amongst the top tier banks to our clients.

DBS London’s General Industries Team provides a dedicated and active coverage to European multi-national companies. We work closely with our colleagues across the product teams, industry specialists and Asian network to deliver true Global Relationship Management, enabling us to support our clients’ business activities in Asia.

We work with our clients on a bilateral, club and syndicated basis to support their operations and growth aspirations in our core markets and adopt a relationship driven, holistic approach. Whilst generalist in our sector approach, we work closely with the Group’s sector specialist teams in:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare

We also cover Retail, Manufacturing, Construction & Engineering, Support Services and Wholesale / Distribution.

DBS London’s Multi Industries Team provides a wide range of financial services and in-depth industry knowledge to corporate banking clients. Our specialist teams have vast experience in their respective industries, and our core capabilities include structuring and customising financing solutions, global transaction services, treasury & markets and capital markets advisory.

With an established track record, our target sectors include the following:

  • Shipping, Aviation and Transport
  • Telecommunication, Media and Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Utilities and Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Supporting inbound investment into Europe by existing clients from the DBS Asian franchise

DBS London’s Automotive and Chemical Team has dedicated relationship managers who understand the unique needs of our clients in these sectors and work closely with our product partners to deliver customised financial solutions to them.

Harnessing the Bank’s extensive Pan-Asian network, we are able to provide focused coverage in Singapore and throughout Asia, including Greater China, Indonesia, India and Australia in our target sectors:

  • Automotive - including OEMs, supply chain and distribution/retail, and
  • Chemicals - including specialty chemicals, fertilisers, industrial gases and general chemicals.

With our expertise, we are able to add value through quick execution under varying market conditions in our core Asian markets.

DBS London’s Financial Institutions Team is positioning itself as Asia ‘Bank of Choice’ for Institutional Investors, leveraging our Asian expertise and connectivity to help clients to navigate the region’s most dynamic markets.

We offer integrated solutions across financing, treasury & markets and transaction banking – understanding our clients’ needs and the problems faced and how DBS can help to address them.

Our Financial Institutions Group covers a wide range of clients including:

  • Asset Managers
  • Central Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Sponsors
  • Regional Banks
  • Securities Companies
  • Supranationals & Agencies

Corporate Banking covers a diverse portfolio of top tier Western and Asian multi-national clients offering a competitive and personalised service in a range of products including:

DBS London’s coverage relationship teams broadly cover the Bank’s key industry groups working in close collaboration between each other and with the teams in Singapore and other core locations in Asia.

The DBS Group Industry Teams can be found through the following link: