Sustainability Solutions

As we work towards becoming the Best Bank for a Better World, we seek to innovate and be thoughtful around our sustainability agenda to create a healthy planet, while ensuring a just transition.

DBS has a suite of impactful solutions to fit your sustainability goals.

Corporate Solutions

You can count on us to be your partner for sustainable development. Find out more about our Sustainable Financing options.

Renewable Energy Financing

Financing renewable energy projects across key markets.

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Green Loans

Loans aimed at advancing environmental sustainability.

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Sustainability-linked Loans

Loans with interest rates pegged to a series of ESG performance metrics.

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ESG Bonds

Tapping capital markets for financing of projects with positive environmental and social impact and supporting businesses in their transition to a sustainable future.

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Green and Sustainable Trade Financing

Facilitating trade with financing solutions tailored to help promote sustainable development.

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Carbon Allowances Hedging & Liquidity Solutions (Coming Soon!)

Facilitate change for our clients and partners as they navigate towards net zero for a sustainable and better world.

Sustainable Investing

At DBS, we consistently engage and educate our clients that there need not be a trade-off between returns and creating positive impact.

Read on to get started on your stainable investment journey.

Time is now

What "sustainable investing" means and why it matters.

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Sustainable Investing Strategies

A guide to four common strategies towards positive change.

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ESG, SRI and Impact Investing

A closer look at sustainable investment approaches.

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Our Sustainable Investing solutions:

Green Solutions for Consumers

Each of us can take action to catalyse change. We have solutions to empower you to live sustainably every day.