Our continued success is built on the relentless focus, commitment and support of our employees. Employees are our key assets and our long-term success depends on them.


Talent management and retention

Our holistic approach to employee development, engagement and retention is anchored on three key areas addressing talent acquisition, remuneration, as well as ongoing learning and development.

We have also adopted the Tripartite Standards by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices. They are a set of eight standards that cover various aspects of fair recruitment practices, flexible work arrangement, grievance handling processes, age management and others.


Diversity and inclusion

Embracing diversity allows us to tap into a wider talent pool and have a multiplicity of views and perspectives. Being intentional in providing equal opportunities for our employees is important to support our diversity and inclusion agenda. It also enables us to realise the full potential of our collective human capital.

DBS embraces gender and cultural diversity which we believe is key to a conducive working environment where individuals are respected, supported and included. Our commitment to diversity and equal opportunity is covered in our Board Diversity Policy and Resource Management Policy. In line with our DBS PRIDE! values, we hire based on merit, competencies and organisational fit, regardless of gender, race, religion or physical attributes.


Workplace well-being

As an employer of choice, it is important that we treat and support our employees well, enabling our employees to lead healthy and fulfilled lives at work so that they can be more productive and engaged.

We are committed to providing a supportive environment for employees and encourage all employees and all who work in our workplace to embrace safety and healthy lifestyles. Under our iHealth@DBS programme, our workplace well-being efforts are anchored on four key tenets: Live Well, Eat Well, Stay Well and Save Well. We also take reference from our Operational Risk Event Management and Reporting Guide where employment practices and workplace safety are classified and included in the operational risk management system. It includes formalised reporting and related escalation procedures.

Read our latest Sustainability Report to find out more about our initiatives and progress in being an employer of choice.

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