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Cyber security is a top priority for governments, regulators and private sector organisations around the world. We converge the management of physical, cyber and data-related risks into a central Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), who also oversees the financial crime risk mitigation programme. Metrics on data protection and cyber security are reported to the Group Operational Risk Committee and ultimately to the Board Risk Management Committee. Material cyber issues or incidents are independently reported to the Board Audit Committee.

We implement multi-layered defences, combined with employee education and industry collaboration. We keep abreast of techniques and threats as they evolve, in order to develop the appropriate counter-measures. We also conducted periodic phishing/ social engineering exercises to translate theoretical knowledge into day-to-day application for our employees.

Data protection and data governance are cornerstones of a customer’s trust in the banking sector, and are also critical enabling factors for innovation in a digital economy. We endeavor to uphold customer’s trust in us by promising this:

We will uphold your trust in us by protecting and using your personal data in a responsible manner.

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