Learning and Talent Development

At DBS, we have an integrated approach to developing talent with equal opportunities for all. Our talent development initiatives are built upon the “triple-E” framework – experience, exposure and education.

DBS’ triple-E framework for talent development
  Experience Exposure Education
Objective To broaden our people’s skillsets across business and geographies, and enable them to take on larger roles as they grow with us. To enable our people to expand their horizons by learning from peers and seniors through networking, mentoring and coaching. To develop a learning organisation, balancing the needs of today with future proofing for tomorrow.
Initiatives We support internal mobility, job rotations, cross-functional projects and other experiential learning opportunities across DBS. Our internal mobility programme allows employees to move within departments and across businesses or geographies. This empowers them to gain greater lateral exposure or acquire different skillsets and experience. More than 5,500 employees engaged in innovation programmes and gained exposure to digital culture, agile methodology and other digital working concepts through human-centred design workshops and hackathons. By immersing themselves in the process of learning by doing, they learn best practices and put ideas into action. The DBS Academy is our in-house centre that provides a progressive, integrated and career-based learning curriculum for staff. The academy offers a well-rounded curriculum, spanning leadership development, functional up-skilling and digital. New courses are introduced each year, such as agile project management and human-centred design. We blend formal training with informal methods, such as communities-based learning.
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