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Indonesia.18 Oct 2023.3 min read

Bank DBS Indonesia and partners launch "Live more, Waste Water & Food less" campaign to reduce food and water waste

Indonesia, 18 Oct 2023 - To commemorate World Food Day that is celebrated every year on October 16, Bank DBS Indonesia launched the "Live more, Waste Water & Food less" campaign to educate people on the importance of reducing food waste and conserving water. A number of speakers, including Rifka Suryandari, VP, External Communications at PT Bank DBS Indonesia; Dr. Drs. Nyoto Suwignyo, MM, Deputy of Food Insecurity and Nutrition at the National Food Agency; Diajeng Reisa Manik, Head of eFishery Fund and Ops of eFishery; Hendro Utomo, CEO of Foodbank of Indonesia; and Cynthia Indah Lestari, Founder of Lyfe with Less, shared their views in a discussion on environmental and sustainability issues with a focus on food waste. 

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 2020 data show that Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest producer of food waste, at 20.94 million metric tons. The problem is becoming increasingly critical as food wastage is projected to increase by 31 percent by 2030. Low awareness and limited understanding of the issue is one of the main obstacles in dealing with food and water wastage. The perception holds that excess food is a sign of prosperity rather than a waste. There is also a misconception that food waste is harmless as it eventually decomposes. Aware that food waste can contribute significantly to methane gas emissions that can harm the environment, Bank DBS Indonesia as a purpose-driven bank encourages Indonesians to be more aware of the problem.

"We believe that all of us– the government, the private sector and the community– have a role to play in tackling food waste to create a more sustainable future. Through the 'Live more, Waste Water & Food less' campaign, we pledge a commitment to building awareness of the problem of food waste and the need to conserve water in the spirit of the theme, 'Water is life, water is food, and leave no one behind'. Thus, we hope to inspire positive change and invite people to contribute to a better world, in accordance with our vision to be the 'Best Bank for a Better World'," said Mona Monika, Head of Group Strategic Marketing & Communications at PT Bank DBS Indonesia. 

The campaign is in accordance with the government's agenda through the National Food Agency to address the problem of food waste, including through the "Gerakan Selamatkan Pangan" programme. The programme, aimed at preventing food from going to waste, is divided into three main activities: providing, collecting, sorting and distributing food through food donations; providing a food rescue platform that can be accessed digitally; promotion, education and advocacy through the "Stop Boros Pangan" and "Belanja Bijak" campaigns. 

Dr. Drs. Nyoto Suwignyo, MM, Deputy of Food Insecurity and Nutrition at the National Food Agency, said, "Through the Gerakan Selamatkan Pangan programme, we aim to change the paradigm on food waste management and encourage more sustainable practices. Therefore, we truly appreciate Bank DBS Indonesia and partners in the ecosystem for promoting the 'Live more, Waste Water & Food less' campaign. It is our hope that this campaign will encourage more companies to go greener and motivate people to be more mindful of their food and water consumption for a more sustainable environment." 

Since 2020, Bank DBS Indonesia has been actively addressing the problem of food waste through the #MakanTanpaSisa movement. The bank cares about food waste and supports sustainable initiatives through partnership with various organisations, including Kebun Kumara to run the "Kompos Kolektif" programme. Through the programme, the organic waste produced by Bank DBS Indonesia employees is processed into compost to prevent food waste from ending up in landfills. The bank also collaborates with FoodCycle Indonesia to run the "Drive Hunger Away" programme to donate leftover food from employees or food in warehouses that is close to its expiry date to poor children and the elderly who are vulnerable to food security. Bank DBS Indonesia also collaborates with Alfamart and e-commerce platforms such as Bukalapak and Blibli to raise awareness of food waste and food loss through various communication channels to prevent food from ending up in landfills by processing surplus food into food for redistribution. 

Moreover, Bank DBS Indonesia distributed surplus food to 3,300 people in several major cities through the "Kulkas Berjalan'' programme organised in collaboration with Foodbank of Indonesia (FOI). Bank DBS Indonesia also supports Jangjo's efforts to address the problem of food waste in shopping centers and restaurants, as well as Surplus Indonesia, which focuses on rescuing leftover from MSMEs through the Surplus platform and donated the food to children in orphanages around Jakarta. Supported by a close-knit network within the ecosystem, Bank DBS Indonesia also facilitated the donation of 30 kg of tilapia from eFishery to FOI, which distributed the fish to 150 Early Childhood Education (PAUD) students and the elderly in Jakarta as part of eFishery's commitment to food security and the modernisation of the aquaculture ecosystem. 

Bank DBS Indonesia through its employee volunteer programme People of Purpose collaborates with partners to donate and distribute food. So far this year, Bank DBS Indonesia has managed to save 250,000 kg of food impact or food that was prevented from going to landfills, a significant increase of 346% compared to 2022, which recorded 56,596 kg of food impact. DBS Group data show that regionally, DBS Bank has generated more than 2,000 tons of food impact from all countries where DBS operates.  

Bank DBS Indonesia’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects is embodied in its three sustainability pillars, namely Responsible Banking – delivering banking products that promote sustainable development; Responsible Business Practice – taking into account the environment in daily operations; and Impact Beyond Banking – creating positive impact for the environment and the community. The ‘Live more, Waste Water & Food less’ campaign and the #MakanTanpaSisa movement are tangible evidence of Bank DBS Indonesia’s consistency in implementing the third pillar, Impact Beyond Banking. 

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