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Indonesia.24 Jun 2020.3 min read

As one of the distribution partners, digibank by DBS accepts purchase orders for ORI017 in a fully digital process, from beginning to end

Indonesia, 24 Jun 2020 - Several regions in Indonesia have been transitioning from the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) to a new normal. In this new normal, financial management is increasingly important, especially in maintaining a balance between spending and saving, without neglecting the importance of investing as a strategic way to increase the benefit of saving money.

The Finance Ministry's Budget Financing and Risk Management Office (DJPPR) recently issued Government Retail Bond (ORI) Series 017 online (e-SBN). The issuance of ORI017, with a three-year  maturity, is a breath of fresh air for the people. The bond offering period lasts from 15 June 2020 to 9 July 2020. People can place orders for ORI017 through distribution partners (midis), one of them digibank by DBS. As a pioneer of digital banking in Indonesia, digibank by DBS presents the e-SBN feature for purchases of government securities (SBN) in a process that is 100% digital, from beginning to end.

As an investment instrument guaranteed by the government, ORI017 offers an opportunity in the new normal. Still in doubt? Here are the reasons how you can help others while still making money by investing in ORI017!
  1. Contribute to Covid-19 handling

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected people financially but also the national economy. As an investment instrument designed for Indonesian citizens, the proceeds from the sale of ORI017 will be used by the government to build and restore the national economy. In one stroke, people get several benefits.

  1. A safe and anti-fraud instrument

As an investment instrument that is offered and guaranteed by the government, ORI017 allows people to invest money safely with minimum risk. People lend money to the government and the government pays it back with interest on maturity date.

In addition to government guarantee, ORI017 is an investment instrument that can be traded at secondary market prices past its minimum holding period on 15 September 2020. Thus, people can sell ORI017 and get their money back in an emergency. Reversely, people can earn profit if they hold the bond until maturity date. So, there is no need to worry about the fund being idle and it's not a fraud.

  1. No need for large capital

People without large capital should not hesitate to invest their money. ORI017 could be the right answer for first-time investors. People can purchase ORI017 starting from IDR1 million and its multiplication thereare with a maximum ampount of purchase of IDR3 billion. Even with a small capital, people can start investing in ORI017 and still gain profit.

  1. Easy and seamless

The purchasing process is one ot the things that must be considered when planning to invest money. ORI017 can be purchased online through midis in the primary market through four phases, namely registration, ordering, payment, and settlement. As one of the distribution partners of ORI017, digibank by DBS as a full-fledged digital banking service presents simplicity through the e-SBN feature with a branchless, paperless, signatureless system so that the ORI017 purchase process is fully digital, from beginning to end.

Using the digibank by DBS application, people obtain a single investor identification (SID) by filling out the personal information column in the application. Their SID will be sent through email within a day. After obtaining their SID, people can register by clicking on the ‘e-SBN registration’ option in the digibank by DBS application and the ‘continue order’ option to receive a billing code. The billing code can be used to process payment using fund in the ‘digibank savings’ account. The process is complete after the State Revenue Transaction Number (NTPN) and a completed order notification is received with proof of ownership of ORI via the digibank by DBS application and email.

  1. A suitable emergency fund alternative

People have different needs, purposes and personalities. Every single person has his/her own considerations regarding investment. The key factor to consider when starting an investment is the return from the risks incurred, considering that the principle of prudence must be applied.

With its comparatively low risk, ORI017 offers a promising return, with a fixed coupon rate of 6.4 percent per year and a three-year maturity that ends on 15 July 2023. This makes ORI017 the right investment option, especially for purposes of emergency fund since it could be traded on the secondary market anytime, particularly in the future due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

  1. Earn more profit

If there's an opportunity to make an investment more profitable, why not? By investing in ORI017, customers not only get a 6.4 percent yield but will also get extra incentives. By purchasing ORI017 via the digibank by DBS application, people can get cash rewards of up to IDR4.5 million. People also have the opportunity to get cash rewards of up to IDR3 million for purchases made after 18 June 2020.



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