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Indonesia.15 Jul 2021.3 min read

Bank DBS Indonesia Holds Photography Class on Live More Society Platform

Bank DBS Indonesia Develops Community Potentials through the #LiveMoreAndLearnMore Programme

Indonesia, 15 Jul 2021 - The implementation of social restrictions as part of the effort to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission has changed the way Indonesian people do their activities. The majority of people have moved their activities online. According to Google Trends Indonesia, the number of searches for online classes, online training, and online workshops has increased 180 percent since March 2021. In view of the fact, Bank DBS Indonesia is committed to facilitating customers who want to learn new things to improve their self-development skills, including through a photography class held on the Live More Society platform under the #LiveMoreAndLearnMore programme by Bank DBS Indonesia.

The online photography class entitled “Human Interest Photography” was presented by Timur Angin, an accomplished photographer who has made a name in corporate profile photography, commercial photography, and underwater photography in Indonesia. In photojournalism, human interest photography depicts the lives of individuals or communities that are often published in the feature section.

Photography allows us to capture a lot of interesting things with our camera, including human life or, in professional jargon, human interest photography. Human interest photography is a type of photography that captures people to show deep emotional connection and sympathy. Human interest photography consists of street photography, portrait photography, photojournalism, wedding photography, and sports photography.

Timur Angin says, “Human interest photography tells us about people in a certain, genuine environment as it is. This photography specialises in capturing people as its main focus. But, it is possible to make humans as mere supporting objects in the frame. As long as humans are captured naturally, the pictures showing their daily lives and telling us their stories, it will make us feel like we were also in the pictures. Human interest photography sharpens my ability to choose angles and to communicate better with the people I work with. The challenge in capturing human interest is when dealing with people who do not like to be photographed. Moreover, sensitivity is not only about humans, but also about objects.”

Timur Angin shares the following important tips for capturing human interest pictures: 

  • Find human interest inspiration

You will have more interesting concepts for your photographs by finding inspiration and references as much as possible.

  • Be humble

By showing a good attitude, the object of the photo will also feel more comfortable with your presence, and the results are better and more natural pictures.

  • Minimise the tools

You do not need a lot of tools to capture human interest photographs. You can still get amazing results by using simple items at hand.

  • Keep enough storage memories

Taking human interest photos requires a lot of storage because it is aimed at capturing expressions, with the right and desired expressions may only be obtained after dozens of shots.

“There are several tricks you can do to take human interest photography. First, always ask permission before taking a picture of the object of your photo. It would be even better if you understand a few words or phrases from the local language. This shows your good intentions to them. In addition, your camera has to be ready at all times because human interest moments can occur at any time. Lastly, you need to prepare small gifts, not money, to express your gratitude.” Timur Angin concluded.

Mona Monika, Executive Director, Head of Group Strategic Marketing & Communications, PT Bank DBS Indonesia, said, "In accordance with Bank DBS Indonesia's vision Live more Bank less, we present a new way of banking that allows customers to enjoy life more and not be bothered by banking matters. We built the Live More Society platform to become a platform that can support customers in enriching their skills and self-development skills through various programmes, including #LiveMoreAndLearnMore. In addition to banking activities, we are also committed to empowering customers, communities, and people in Indonesia by providing solutions in the form of various activities that are relevant, innovative, resourceful, and attractive to develop themselves according to their needs.”

Through #LiveMoreAndLearnMore programme, Bank DBS Indonesia wants to share experiences with the public through online classes and collaborate with experts in various fields. Under the programme, Bank DBS Indonesia collaborates with various communities to hold the monthly Live More Society Meet Up online event to present experts or practitioners to discuss certain topics, ranging from public speaking, photography, to writing. The Live More Society platform is based on several pillars, namely #LiveSmarter, #LiveMoreKind, and #LiveAwesome. Articles and activities based on these pillars can be found on the Live More Society website.




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