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Indonesia.10 Jul 2020.3 min read
Indonesia, 10 Jul 2020 - In the lead up to DBS Bank’s biennial flagship event, DBS Asian Insights Conference 2020, DBS has organised a series of group media briefing sessions inviting media across the region to glean insights on how to navigate a post-pandemic world.

On 6 July, John Laurens, Group Head of Global Transaction Services, DBS Bank, led a media briefing session on the topic; Aftermath of Covid-19: Innovation in trade and cash management, garnering media turnout across Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Taiwan and the UK.

Mr Laurens shared that Covid-19 has been driving shifts in trade and supply chains and added that trade volumes have been impacted by the overall slowdown in the global economy.

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) estimates global trade will fall by 18.5% in 2Q2020 compared to the same period last year. This is supported by the forecasts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that the volume of goods and services trade will decline by 12% in 2020. Trade volumes also fell across all markets month-on-month in April, though Emerging Asia has been the most resilient (US -16.8%, Europe -20.1%, Emerging Asia (including China and India) -6%).

Other key takeaways from the session include:

Challenges faced by businesses across Asia

  1. Supply chain disruption leading to delay in cash realisation
  • Globally markets have seen demand curtailment, forcing cancelled orders, late payments and prolonged factory shutdowns
  • Cash conversion cycles have therefore lengthened
  • SMEs, especially, struggling with adequate cash flow and access to capital
  1. Operating challenges amidst lockdown
  • Asian production centres having been under labour workforce restriction face logistical bottlenecks
  • Work from home arrangements make it operationally difficult to continue manual workflows (e.g. wet signatures)
  • Disruption to transmission of physical documents and claiming of goods at ports
  • Disrupted access to liquidity

What does the “new normal” look like for businesses

  1. Replumbing/shortening of supply chains through reshoring/nearshoring
  2. Shift of major supply chains into ASEAN
  • Diversification of manufacturing or supplier sources
  • Rise of low-costs markets, including Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia
  1. Rise of ecosystems with entire supply chains participating on a single platform
  • Facilitates greater transparency; enables harnessing of data analytics

E-commerce gaining greater importance

  1. Digital innovations to support revival of economies in the aftermath
  • Employment of 5G and the advent of new 5G-enabled business models/opportunities
  • Application of IoT-based solutions across commercial, risk management and sustainability agenda
  • Accelerated shift to cloud to reduce technology investment costs and scalability (up and down)
  1. Adapting to the new future of work
  • More home-based employees and reduced business travel

5-year outlook for DBS’ transaction banking business

  1. Global leadership in digital transaction banking maintained
  • Rapid pace of digital adoption to continue as analogue-based transactional and informational activities transition to fully digital processes
  • Extensive cloud/API-based interactivity with customers and ecosystem partners to be the norm and creating multi-dimensional platform business opportunities across the wholesale bank franchise
  • Data-driven business model to bring out cross-sell opportunities across digital client advisory and servicing, analytics-based financing, treasury and risk management
  1. New product development driven by technological advances in areas such as 5G, IoT and digital identity
  2. Growth in key/strategic markets remains robust
  • Continued double digit volume growth in strategic growth markets, including India, Greater Bay Area and Indonesia
  • Continued exponential growth in the Vietnam market and Australia transaction banking business build completed and well established.




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