商号等:  DBS証券株式会社 金融商品取引業者 関東財務局長(金商)第2940号
加入協会: 日本証券業協会

DBS Securities (Japan) Co., Ltd.

Disclosures required under Article 37 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law

When transactions involving financial instruments are being discussed, you should thoroughly read the all the materials on financial instrument transactions. When entering into a transaction involving financial instruments, you may be required to pay a predetermined commission fee on specific instruments (for example, in the case of equities, a brokerage commission based on the commission rate agreed plus consumption tax, and in the case of investment trusts, sales commission fees predetermined per individual product and general fees such as trust fees). All financial instruments entail particular risks, and holders of these instruments can incur significant losses or payment obligations as a result of changes in domestic or overseas political, economic, or financial conditions, foreign exchange markets, equities markets, commodity markets, interest rate levels, the creditworthiness of the issuer, and other underlying assets designated as reference indices. Furthermore, in the case of transactions involving derivatives, we will request you to deposit an agreed sum as a security deposit, and may require additional security deposits, and the amount of the transaction may exceed the amount of the security deposit. (The proportion of the security deposit relative to the notional amount of the transaction could not be calculated unless the terms and conditions of the transaction have been determined) Changes in the underlying assets designated as reference indices mentioned above may result in losses or payment obligations in excess of the security deposit. Furthermore, difference may exist between the equivalent of bid price and offer price described under Article 6-1, No. 6 of the Enforcement Order for the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, depending on the type of transaction. Inherent risks and commission fees differ for each instrument. Please read the pre-trade documentation, prospectus or customer information thoroughly. A copy of the prospectus can be obtained from our sales representatives. Some instruments carry rights which could be exercised during a specific period. Please remember that the period during which rights could be exercised is limited. In the case of instruments with early cancellation, automatic or other early termination clauses, the transaction may terminate before the original maturity date.

Corporate Name, etc.: DBS Securities (Japan) Company Limited, Financial Instruments Business Operator, No. 2940 by Director-General of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Financial Services Agency)
Member of: The Japan Securities Dealers Association