Our Approach to Innovation

Focus on culture

Understand the customer journey

Collaborate within ecosystems

Champion social innovation

“At DBS, innovation is not limited to the technology we use; it’s embedded in our DNA. It’s reflected in the way we work and the customised solutions we create for our clients.”

- Piyush Gupta, CEO and Director of DBS Group

How Have We Innovated?

DBS Innovation Initiatives

Innovation is a mindset that pervades everything we do at DBS. It means constantly relooking at the way we’re doing things. We do so because that is what helps us to be relevant, so we can constantly deliver solutions that help our customers live more.

Consumer Banking

Wealth Management


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An all-in-one digital wealth management platform with powerful customisable features and services that allow customers to manage their wealth and stay updated on market trends while on the go.

Institutional Banking