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FX and Cash Management

Forward Cover Investments

Forward Cover InvestmentsA Forward Cover investment helps you lock in an exchange rate at maturity and eliminates exchange rate risks. There are two types of forward cover investments:

Fixed Income/Bonds

Money Market Instruments

Money Market InstrumentsMoney Market Instruments are short dated debt instruments generally issued by supra national governments, financial institutions or corporations. They include Treasury Bills, Certificates of Deposits and Commercial paper.

Short Term High Grade Bonds

Short Term High Grade BondsThese short-term financial instruments are issued by creditworthy and highly rated entities.


Money Market Funds

Money Market FundsMoney market funds invest in short term debt instruments such as repos, treasury bills and commercial paper.

Capital Protection Oriented Funds

Capital Protection Oriented FundsTrue to their name, these are close-ended mutual funds that protect invested capital, no matter what happens in the financial markets.

Fixed Maturity Plan

Fixed Maturity PlanThese are close-ended mutual fund products that invest primarily into fixed income instruments such as bonds or certificates of deposit to lock in currently available yields.