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For investors looking for potential capital appreciation over a reasonable time horizon.


Direct Equities*

Direct EquitiesInvest within the stock market and choose from an array of instruments including common shares, , exchange-traded funds, initial public offerings and secondary placements for potential capital gain and/or dividend payouts.

Buy Equity Options*

Buy Equity OptionsYou buy options for hedging and leveraging exposure.


Equity Funds

Equity FundsEquity funds invest in company-issued equity securities. These funds may have a particular focus: between growth and value, geography, or perhaps even sectoral, It could also be widely diversified.

Alternative Funds

Alternative FundsAlternative funds encompass Private Equity, Real Estate and Equity - Long and Short strategy.

Structured Notes

Yield Enhancement Notes

Yield Enhancement NotesThe potential return from a Yield Enhancement Note is dependent on the performance of an underlying financial instrument.

*The mentioned offerings are on a referral basis with our channel partner.