Senior DBS business mentors

We understand how lack of experience, right guidance and contacts can make it difficult for promising enterprises to get off the ground. That’s why in our 50th year as a bank, we made our DBS Mentors’ expert experience available to 50 Social Enterprise partners across the region. The stories of impact through this mentoring exercise are here for you to see -


SE Support program

On business area support, our relationship managers with sector expertise in the SME segment are paired with SEs to help them overcome any roadblocks in banking, gain industry insights and seek market access as well as tap into useful networks and connections.

Read about our Social Enterprise Support programme here.


Done in a Day

In a programme titled Done in a Day, our DBS employees brainstorm on ideas and strategies to help social enterprises tackle their most pressing business issue that span across multiple functional areas, including financial management, digital strategy, marketing, business model, agile management and investment readiness.

Watch this video to know how our skills-based volunteerism programmes take shape and how we put our staff’s problem-solving skills to the test, while solving real business issues of various social enterprises in a single day.

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