We equip social enterprises with skills needed to help their businesses grow from early stage startup to scaling impact. We work with ecosystem partners across the region to support social enterprises through targeted programmes ranging from bootcamps, incubation, networking, workshops and masterclasses.




We regularly conduct masterclasses, networking and social enterprises meetups to bring the social enterprises community together. We also invite social enterprises to the DBS SME Academy organised by DBS BusinessClass that helps equip social enterprises with business skills.

We offer the DBS Business for Good Internships with Singapore Management University (SMU), where students work with social enterprises that are supported by DBS Foundation.



Accelerated incubation for social enterprises

Social Alpha, an initiative of Tata Trusts is the ‘ecosystem architecture’ created by the ‘Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship’(FISE) to nurture start-up teams through their lab to market journey.  In India, we have partnered with FISE to select high potential social enterprises, build capacity and accelerate their development.

High impact social enterprises are chosen after rigourous evaluation and are provided with grants pegged to milestone (business and impact) achievements.

Professional staff from DBS are also connected with these social enterprises to provide mentoring and business guidance.



Handbook for early stage social ventures

DBS Foundation partnered with UKM Center Universitas Indonesia and published the first Social Enterprise Handbook “Berani Jadi Wirausaha Sosial”. The social enterprises Handbook was created to help and guide the new and upcoming social enterprises to strengthen their business model while creating impact and finding the solution to overcome social challenges around us. The social enterprises handbook is free to download at go.dbs.com/SE-HANDBOOK.


Hong Kong

Impact Awards to encourage impactful social enterprises

Hong Kong

A series of sponsored awards in the well-established programmes to identify and support innovation and social impact. In Hong Kong, we offer prize money for every winning social enterprises to develop their project. We also provide capacity building and networking platforms for social enterprises to connect with industry leaders / potential investors.



Bootcamps to sharpen focus on impact


We conduct bootcamps annually in China where we receive applications across the country and select over a 100 social enterprises to attend curated masterclasses on impact investment, managing business challenges and sharpening their objective to scale social impact. High performing social enterprises are given grants and given the opportunity to participate in Foundation’s regional level programmes.



Creating an ecosystem of support

SE Insights is our trusted partner in incubating early stage ventures to nurturing high-potential social enterprises through the “do it” and “Try it” Labs. Several winning social enterprises have emerged from this programme over last five years.

The Annual SE networking event organised by DBS Taiwan is much sought after where government officials, SMEs, corporates, intermediary organisations and capacity-builders mingle and bring in many collaborative and partnership opportunities for social enterprises.


The “DBS Social Entrepreneur Accelerator" courses are also offered by senior colleagues of DBS to support social enterprises in specific business areas.


Calendar - DBSF Capacity Building Programmes 2019

To build business skills and knowledge of social enterprises and make learning easier for them, we have curated short classes, workshops and learning sessions with the help of DBS experts and organisations we partner with in the region. Go ahead and explore our classes below.

If you are a social enterprise and would like to know more or attend any of the classes in your respective countries, write to DBSFoundation@dbs.com

If you would like to partner with us to offer new learning and capacity building programmes to social enterprises, write to us on the above email.

Dates Masterclass on Led by About
Aug / Sep / Oct 2019 Developing a Data Mindset for Social Enterprises / Data Heroes DataFirst - DBS Transformation Group In this digital age, businesses in varying sectors are beginning to capitalise on the vast increase in data to make better business decisions. implementing the right data management framework is also key to social enterprises, in influencing the quality of decisions and to pave the way for your enterprise to be data-driven with a simple, centralised data management system.
Sep / Oct 2019 Building & Managing Talent in Social Enterprises DBS HR Talent and succession are instrumental to your scale up plans. Design your people strategy considering the work culture you want to build along with the organisational needs in mind.
Oct / Nov 2019 Engaging customers online for Social Enterprises Group Strategic Marketing & Communications

Learn techniques and strategies to overcome challenges with social media.

Measure performance and improve your storytelling skills to build public appreciation for your social impact organisation.

Oct / Nov 2019 Innovation & Design Thinking for Social Enterprises DBS Innovation Group Rethink innovation and design so your customers truly value your products and services. Overcome challenges in your path to innovate and extract value from this new way of thinking.
Aug 2019 SME Academy DBS BusinessClass / DBS SME Banking

Level up with popular business topics!

More information on our class schedule here: https://www.dbs.com.sg/sme/businessclass/sme-academy.page

Dates Masterclass on Led by About
Sep 2019 Financial Management & Practice DBS SME & SE Insights
  • Overall view of financial management
  • Be loan ready and apply for loan effectively
  • Case study discussions
  • Discuss resources/ channels for obtaining loans
Oct 2019 Talent recruitment and management in Social Enterprises DBS HR & SE insights
  • Strategies to recruiting the right staff and placing a recruitment process.
  • Drafting a clear Job Description and conducting an effective Interview
  • Talent Management strategies
Nov 2019 Start-up Evening – networking & Branding and Digital Marketing DBS GSMC & SE Insights with sharing by other social media experts and Social enterprises
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Digital Marketing techniques
  • Case study & sharing by SE

Dates Masterclass on Led by About
Aug - Sep 2019 Digital Marketing for Social Enterprises DBS GSMC + Social Alpha + External Expert / Influencer
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Digital content
  • Influencer outreach
    (class size limited to 10-15 social enterprises)
Nov - Dec 2019 Attracting and Retaining Talent for Social Enterprises DBS HR team + Social Alpha + External Speaker
  • Strategies to recruiting the right staff and placing a recruitment process.
  • Drafting a clear Job Description and conducting an effective Interview
  • Talent Management Strategies

Dates Masterclass on Led by About
Jul – Dec 2019 SME Academy

DBS Group Strategic Marketing & Communications & Institutional Banking Group / SME Banking

BG each session will feature a SE partner as well as other SE experts)

Topics discussed:

  • Woman in Digital Business with Du’Anyam
  • People Analytics: Attract and Retain the right Talent
  • Hassle-less Tax-ing -Understanding Taxation
  • Get Finance-Ready: Prepare your business to qualify for funding from investors
  • Shaping your business for Sustainable Growth / How to get new business opportunities using social entrepreneurship
  • Hassle-free digital marketing – sharing best practices
Aug - Nov 2019 DBS Indonesia Social Enterprise (SE) Meet Up DBS Group Strategic Marketing & Communications & UKMC UI / ISEN
  • Sharing by visiting / regional SEs.
  • Short sharing by DBS Experts on various business topics. from Singapore with SE & other participants from Indonesia
Nov 2019 Social Enterprise Bootcamp DBS Group Strategic Marketing & Communications with Instellar For early stage enterprises and young entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their ideas on solving social problems through business innovation.
Aug / Sep / Dec 19 Done In A Day DBSI GSMC

4-5 SE in each session

DBS experts will work with social enterprises facing business challenges pertaining to Finance, Digital Marketing, Marketing Branding & Human Resources to discuss and think of various solutions together – all in a day!

Dates Masterclass on Led by About
18 Oct 2019 (Fri) Marketing & Branding for Social Enterprises DBS & CSEIF & Yi She Understanding and using the marketing funnel effectively – for social enterprises to reach a wider audience/customer base
1 Nov 2019 (Fri) Legal, Finance &Tax management in Social Enterprises DBS Legal, Finance team
  • Decoding taxation: Learn how to better manage taxes for your SE
  • Introduction to the importance of protecting Intellectual Property
15 Nov 2019 (Fri) Building & Managing Talent in Social Enterprises DBS HR team & CSEIF How to engage staff and better support talent: Attracting Talent, Recruitment Assessment and Evaluation, Performance Management, Talent Development strategies.
29 Nov 2019 (Fri) Innovation & Design Thinking for Social Enterprises DBS Innovation team & Yi She
  • Learning from trial & error (Case sharing)
  • Design Thinking: Service innovation as a competitive advantage

Dates Masterclass on Led by About
9 Aug 2019 (Friday) Data Mindset for Social Enterprises DBS Data Management team & FSES
  • The type of market surveys needed for SE/ SI
  • Introduction on the common market surveys tools
  • Importance of collecting the “right” data for SIM
16 Aug 2019 (Fri) Building & Managing Talent in Social Enterprises DBS HR team & FSES
  • How to better support your project manager in SE/ SI
  • Introduction on the use of project charter for project managers in managing the ever –changing nature of SE/SI
23 Aug 2019 (Fri) Engaging customers online for Social Enterprises DBS GSMC/Marketing team & FSES How to use marketing funnel effectively for SE in reaching a wider audience/customer base
30 Aug 2019 (Fri) Innovation & Design Thinking for Social Enterprises DBS Innovation team & FSES
  • Learning from trial & error (Case sharing)
  • Applying innovation and design thinking in the continual process of re modifying and perfecting your SE

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