Our work
beyond the numbers

Everyday banking

The everyday has to be fast and simple. Making a transfer to your mum should not be a wondrous journey of discovery. So we redesigned the digibank mobile app.

The redesigned ‘Digibank App’ - Our core banking application — Download here

Seventeen million peeks a month

‘Did I get my salary?’
‘Has my student loan payment gone through?’

It feels good to peek at your balance ‘just to make sure.’

Peek balance is one of our most popular features. But it wasn’t always so. In fact, in the beginning, no one liked it — our users or our stakeholders. But the user behaviour we had observed told a different story.

So we kept at it. And it worked out.

“Peek balance is a useful little design solution that nobody thought they wanted.”

Ed Chu

Head of Design, Consumer Banking Group

A genius way to travel

What you need from a bank when you travel and what you need when you’re at home are two different things. Travel mode is like flight mode, but you don’t turn it off when you leave the plane.

We think Travel Mode is a rather genius way to travel. But don’t take our word for it. Try it.

The ‘Travel Mode’ feature was recently shipped as a part of our core banking app.

“Travel mode is one of our first initiatives towards intelligent banking — we want to evolve from utility to being more predictive and anticipatory”

Bady Abbas

Design Manager

Growing your money

Designing the new iWealth app was a bit like trying to redirect traffic in Jakarta on Christmas Eve—an overwhelming amount of information to take in and organise. We focused on navigation and language to make it easy for all of us non-bankers to find our way around.

We allow ourselves to be a little bit proud of the result.

The ‘Travel-mode’ feature was recently shipped as a part of our core banking app.

“We want iWealth to be more than just a trading platform. We want to give our users ideas, personalised research and insights, to create a whole ecosystem of experience. To do that, we need to deeply understand their habits, be in their shoes, be the trader ourselves”

Kittaya Intarathip

Design Manager

DBS Digital
Design System

Taming a giant — that’s what it feels like. We have a complex product ecosystem spanning six countries, a large tech team and a dizzying array of financial services rules and regulations to deal with. If you can handle DBS Digital Design System, you can do anything.

Our design principles

Have one
profound idea


Because ambiguity is the
enemy of good user experience.


Innovative and impactful products that people really
want and need.

Inject emotion to
go from transactional to magical


Because we humans are
emotional beings and money is an emotional topic.


An emotional bond with our customers.

Be upfront & transparent


Because it's the right thing to do.


Loyal customers.

Do the hard
work to make it


Because there is no silver bullet for simple. It’s all just
hard work.


Experiences that feel effortless.

Follow through
and pay attention to detail


Because our design is not what’s on Sketch. It’s what gets shipped.


Better products for our customers. Inspiration for other designers.