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a bank 

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Necessary design
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Hi there. This is our story. It's a story about a group of designers working in a bank and doing our best to make money simple.

Financial services are necessary for our day-to-day lives. They go from the tiniest moment — paying your friend back for lunch — to the biggest, like applying for a mortgage. And that's why it's really important we design them well.

DBS Bank core banking application

Hello there

We are a team of 100 (and growing) based out of Singapore. We are gamers, cat lovers, calligraphists, crazy gardeners, marathoners, cyclists and accomplished musicians. 20 nationalities (and counting) that have 1 single vision to make banking as joyful as it can be.

Our values

Ideals that guide us and help us build great experiences


Embrace ambiguity

We embrace ambiguity because we live in the real world and design with and for humans. Not robots. We even find joy and creativity in ambiguity and fuzzy amorphous problems.


Step up & step in

We step up and step in to bridge the gaps we see and to help others. We don't let our job descriptions narrow our field of influence or accountability. Millions of customers (and plenty of employees) have put their trust in us, and we are accountable to them - always.


Learn & unlearn

We learn and unlearn in an infinite feedback loop. Technology moves fast (and our customers with it). To keep it real and relevant, we seek out internal and external feedback and data.


Co-create & collaborate

We co-create and collaborate beyond our immediate team. We want our work to make an impact which means we need the support and knowledge of others. We leave our ego at the door and build genuine partnerships.


Connect & celebrate

We celebrate successes big and small. We're all whole people and have lives, interests and personalities outside of work. We make the effort to get to know each other, to celebrate one another, and to build real connections within our team.


Perservere with grit!

We persevere to see long-term change through. We don't give up at the first hurdle. It's important to strike a balance. Sometimes we need to pick our battles, and that's okay, too.

Help us rock the boat

‘I want to work at a bank’ said no designer ever. But they really should say that. Because banking isn't boring. Not when you're in it with a great bunch of people who are ready to rock the boat.

Things we think about

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How we built a creative workspace to boost the impact of our design team

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  • World’s Best Digital Bank

    Euromoney, 2021
  • Best Digital Bank

    Global Finance, 2021
  • Good Design Award

    SG Mark 2021
  • Corporate Digital Banking

    Celent Model Bank 2021