Tackling challenges with an inclusive team

Krystal Ng
Design Producer
Head shot of Krystal Ng

I've always been interested in user design and experience. Part of what I do for the team is shaping their experience within DBS Group Design.

What inspired you to join DBS Group Design?

The culture. People are friendly, collaborative and really inclusive. At DBS, I am able to to learn and apply my skills in design community. In this space, I believe that I can develop and grow professionally, and use my skills to solve problems and gain new knowledge every day.

What energises you at work?

Improving the workplace culture for everyone. I enjoy deciding how we can bring the team more closely together. Having the flexibility and autonomy to do something different, and not conform to a specific set of daily routine, allows me to help people with challenges that they face and solve it together.

I enjoy the challenge of working on something together and learning new things from people who are willing to teach and impart their knowledge with me. This allows me to gain new experience and have a safe space for me to experiment and apply something different. I also get excited when I get to learn and figure out how to do things that I might not have thought about before.