Paying it forward with a growth mindset

Carolina Lam
Head of Design Ops
Head shot of Carolina Lam

Wearing multiple hats gives me the opportunity to have many different kinds of conversations. I'm sharing my experiences and learning something new every day.

What energies you at work?

The people and opportunity to solve problems. I am constantly thinking about how to keep the best interest of our people at the core of what I do day in and out. Learning from people who are willing to offer me advice, a suggestion or an point of view.

What do you enjoy about being on the team?

Definitely the conversations! I would say that our team is a cauldron of cultures and diversity coming from 20 nationalities globally. This lends itself to a myriad of perspectives and opinions. The team is mainly comprised of gen y and z and yet I am always pleasantly surprised by the maturity and passion people bring to the craft.

I also enjoy the zaniness of the team and the willingness to come together for the collective good despite shouldering a pretty full workload.

Share a nugget or two about a day in your job?

I may be taking on multiple roles and personalities on any given day - it can range from HR practioner, finance officer, ops guru, aunt agony to sounding board.

I could be executing longer term programmes to drive management priorities or putting on my firefighting hat the next minute to tackle a staff emergency. I can never predict if a day will be peaceful and quiet but it definitely keeps me on my toes and the job interesting.

There is a fair amount of context switching on any given day and it is a cognitive load. It has been scientifically proven that multitasking actually kills brain cells! That’s why I try to make sure learning is part of my worklife as it is also scientifically proven that learning new things creates new brain cells!