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Our Support Teams

DBS Bank’s support units work hand-in-hand every day to keep the bank in tip-top shape.

Responsible for supporting the bank’s activities – from charting its long-term strategic growth plans to setting up the most advanced infrastructure in the banking business – these units offer the most wide-ranging jobs that will suit anyone with an interest in banking.

If you have a way with words and visuals, our Group Strategic Marketing & Communications team is at the forefront of building the DBS brand across Asia; if you’re a legal eagle with an appetite for regulatory work, our Group Legal, Compliance & Secretariat team will take you to new heights in the field of finance law.

In every area, you will have the chance to play a critical role in building and enhancing the bank’s products and services. You will be a valued team player, deeply involved in ensuring that the bank’s internal standards are met, and that it continues to grow from strength to strength in all of Asia.

Group Audit

Group Audit helps the Board and Executive Management meet the strategic and operational objectives of the DBS Group. We conduct independent checks to ensure that the Group’s risk and control processes are adequate and effective. All our team members are highly sought-after professionals who work as trusted advisors to our clients, in all matters related to a company’s internal controls.

Group Finance

Group Finance gives insights and analyses that help the bank make sound business decisions – whether in the areas of product development or customer profitability. We also provide capital management, business planning, forecasting, and tax and accounting advisory services.

Group HR

Group Human Resources has the important role of attracting, retaining, and nurturing talent to ensure that DBS continues to be a competitive employer in Asia. With a well-established team of HR partners, we support and deliver effective people-based solutions and services across businesses. Our goal is to build a high-performance organisation by empowering and engaging our employees. Because we believe that banking is about people.

Group Legal, Compliance & Secretariat

Group Legal, Compliance & Secretariat ensures that the bank’s interests are protected by zealously guarding and enhancing its reputation and capital. We also work to maintain a good standing with all our regulators, customers, and business partners. Because we believe that at the crux of business banking is trust and integrity.

Group Planning

Group Planning reviews banking trends, market opportunities and structural issues to formulate corporate strategy and priorities. We also work closely with other business units to execute the bank’s plans and to achieve our financial targets and strategic objectives.

Group Strategic Marketing & Communications

Group Strategic Marketing & Communications is responsible for building, protecting, and enhancing the DBS brand in an increasingly commoditised banking industry. Working closely with all units within the DBS Group, we create and execute integrated strategies that focus on communications, marketing and research to differentiate – and elevate – our brand from the rest of the competition.

Group Technology & Operations

Group Technology and Operations manages the bulk of the bank’s operational processes using an efficient, nimble, and scalable standard infrastructure. Our multiple banking delivery channels are designed with a strategic focus on productivity, quality & control, operating models, technology, and the business partners we serve.

Risk Management Group

Risk Management Group works closely with our business partners to manage the bank’s risk exposure by balancing its objective to maximise returns against an acceptable risk profile. We partner with origination teams to provide financing, investments and hedging opportunities to our customers. To manage risk effectively and run a successful business, we invest significantly in our people and infrastructure.

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