DBS Personal Data Protection Policy for Job Applicants

This is DBS Bank Ltd's policy for handling personal data that we receive from job applicants for employment at DBS Bank Ltd and its subsidiaries in Singapore.

In this document:

  • the terms "DBS", "we", "us", "our" and "DBS" refer to DBS Bank Ltd and its subsidiaries in Singapore.
  • For the purposes of these guidelines:
    • the term "employees" and "employment" relate to full time, part time and temporary employees, contract workers and such other persons who have been permitted by DBS to perform duties or functions within DBS (including but not limited to interns, consultants, remisiers and volunteers.
    • the term "job applicant" refers to any person who is not an existing employee and who submits or wishes to submit an application for employment with DBS and "job application" shall refer to an application for employment with DBS.
    • the term "Human Resources" refers, in relation to a DBS Group entity, to the human resources department of the DBS Group entity.

What Personal Data We Collect

"Personal data" is data that can be used to identify a natural person. Examples of your personal data include your name, address, contact details, education background,employment history, references and results of employment checks.

We collect personal data about you and where required, also about other persons, such as your family members, spouse and/or children.

Your provision of personal data to us is voluntary. However, please recognize that if you choose not to provide us with the personal data we require, it may not be possible for us to contact you, process your application and/or consider you for employment.

Our Purposes for Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

We collect personal data from you, and use such personal data for the hiring process. This includes (but is not limited to) using the personal data to:

  • Assess, administer and process your job application
  • Contact you in respect of your job application
  • Identify and evaluate you for other jobs within DBS
  • To monitor and review DBS Banks recruitment policies
  • To validate with the references provided and to conduct employment checks

In order to achieve the purposes stated above, we may disclose the personal data collected from you to the following third parties:

  • any DBS Group entities.
  • our service providers and agents, including DBS Groups third party recruitment contractors.
  • regulatory authorities, statutory bodies or public agencies for the purposes of complying with their respective requirements, policies and directives or to seek information about you (as stated in the next paragraph).

During the hiring process, we may obtain further information relating to you from third parties, including character referees and public records. In doing so, we necessarily disclose your personal data to such third parties.

We may also collect, use and disclose personal data for other purposes, if required orpermitted by law.

By providing us with personal data, you agree to the terms of this policy and you consent for yourself to our collection, use and disclosure of personal data on these terms. If you provide third party personal data to us such as the personal data of your spouse, children and/or family members, by doing so, you confirm that you have obtained their respective consents to our collection, use and disclosure of their personal data on these terms.

Retention of Personal Data

We will retain personal data for a reasonable period in accordance with our legal and business purposes, even if your job application is unsuccessful.

We do not usually retain unsuccessful job applications for more than 2 years.

Access to and Correction of Personal Data

If you wish to correct update and/or have access to the personal data we have collected from you, please let us know. Please see How To Contact Us at the end of this policy.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions or requests concerning the personal data you have submitted to us in connection with a job application, you may contact us at dbscareers@dbs.com and at:

Group Human Resources
DBS Bank Ltd
2 Changi Business Park Crescent
#06-01F (Lobby A) DBS Asia Hub
Singapore 486029

Alternatively, you may refer to the frequently asked questions on our Career page at http://www.dbs.com/careers/apply-now/faq-personal-data/default.page

Amendments and Updates

We may amend this policy from time to time and will make available the updated policy on our website. Each time you contact, interact, transact or deal with us, you acknowledge and agree that our latest privacy policy shall apply to you.


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