Personal Data Policy for Applicants for Employment in Hong Kong & Macau with DBS Bank Ltd and its Subsidiaries

  1. This policy applies to applicants for employment with DBS Bank Ltd or any of its subsidiaries ("the Group") in Hong Kong & Macau or whose Human Resources records are managed in Hong Kong. Upon acceptance of an employment position with the Group, this policy will cease to apply and the Personal Data Policy for Employees of DBS Bank Ltd and its Subsidiaries (as updated by the Group from time to time) will apply.
  2. The Group safeguards personal data in accordance with applicable Hong Kong and Macau laws and in particular the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the Macau Personal Data Protection Act.
  3. During the selection process, the Group may obtain data from the applicants or third parties(including referees and public records) regarding the qualifications, experience, eligibility or other information of the applicants for recruitment related purposes.
  4. The Group may also obtain data from applicants relating to a third party, such as the personal data of the applicant’s spouse, children and/or family members. The applicant confirms and acknowledges that the applicant has obtained from these third parties their respective consents to our collection, use and disclosure of their personal data on these terms.
  5. All data held by the Group relating to the applicants will be kept strictly confidential and used for recruitment related purposes, but the Group may provide and/or transfer such data to the following parties (whether located in Hong Kong, Singapore or elsewhere): (i) any other member in the Group; (ii) any agent, contractor, or third party service provider (or a subsidiary, holding company or related company thereof), who provides administrative, data processing, computer or other services to the Group; (iii) business partner in connection with the processing of applications for any positions applied for within the Group, and any other person(s) reasonably requiring the same, in order for the Group to carry out the purposes permitted under this policy.
  6. Data of unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed within 2 years of rejection.
  7. Applicants have the right to check what data is held by the Group, to access such data and request correction, and to ascertain the Group’s policies and practices in relation to data and be informed of the kind of personal data held by the Group. To do so please contact:

    Human Resources

    DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited 星展銀行(香港)有限公司

    15/F One Island East

    18 Westlands Road

    Island East, Hong Kong


  8. The Group may charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request.
  9. Nothing in this policy shall limit the rights of applicants under any applicable laws.
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