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At DBS, we put our customers first. And the confidence that our customers have in us drives us to excel and to redefine boundaries.

We continued to garner numerous prestigious awards in 2002, reflecting our growing strength and influence on the financial landscape throughout Asia. We are proud that the market recognises the strengths of our diverse team and our ability to deliver innovative financial solutions to our customers. Here are some of our awards.


Asian Review of the Year 2002

  • Best sovereign/public sector Asian Loan 2002 - Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas US$675m term loan
  • Best Corporate Asian loan 2002 - Maxis Mobile/Maxis Communications US$435m term loan

Global Investor

Asia Pacific Sub-Custody Survey 2002

  • Ranked 1st: Top Custodian Bank in Singapore

Global Custodian

Major Markets Agent Bank Review 2002

  • Top Custodian Bank in Singapore

GSCS Benchmarks

Review of Subcustodian Services 2002

    DBS Bank collected `star' for excellence in:
  • settlement performance
  • safekeeping
  • overall performance


  • Ranked 10th: Overall Best Managed Company (Singapore)
  • Ranked 7th: Overall Best Investor Relations
  • Ranked 4th: Best Corporate Strategy
  • Ranked 5th: Best Access to Senior Management
  • Ranked 4th: Best Communications with Shareholders/Investors - DBS Bank


  • Ranked 7th: Largest Banks by Shareholder Equity (Asia)


  • Ranked 2nd: Best Corporate Governance (DBS Bank)


Asia Risk Awards for Excellence

Risk Managers of the Year:
  • Chng Sok Hui
  • Oon Kum Loon

Singapore Brand Award 2002

  • One of the winners for Singapore Brand Award 2002

Global Finance

  • Best Bank in Singapore

Global Finance

  • Country Winner Best Trade Finance Bank

Global Finance

Best Foreign Exchange Banks & Providers for 2002:
  • Regional Winner: Southeast Asia - DBS Group
  • Country Winner: Singapore - DBS Group

Securities Investors Association (Singapore)

Investors' Choice Awards 2002

  • Most Transparent Award - Finance category


Awards for Excellence 2002

  • Best Bank
  • Best Equities House
  • Best Debt House

The Asset

Survey by Asset Benchmark Research

  • Top in Singapore, 4th in Asia's Best Credit

Asia Risk

Ranked 1st in:
  • Cross-currency swaps- Singapore Dollar
  • Currency options - Singapore Dollar
  • Currency forwards - Singapore Dollar
  • Interest rate options -Singapore Dollar
Ranked 2nd in:
  • Interest rate swaps - Singapore Dollar


Best Domestic Bank Awards 2002

  • Best Domestic Commercial Bank
  • Best Domestic Equity House
  • Best Domestic Bond House


Asia's Best Companies 2002

Ranked 1st:
  • Company Most Committed to Corporate Governance

S&P Investment Fund Awards 2002

Best Performer

Equity Europe

3 years - DBS Shenton Greater Europe Fund

Fixed Income Global

  • 3 years - DBS Shenton Income Fund
  • 5 years - DBS Shenton Income Fund

Smaller Companies Global

  • 1 year - DBS Shenton Global Advantage Fund

Investment Fund Awards 2002

Global Bonds

  • 1 year: Horizon Global Bond USD Hedge Fund
  • 3 year - DBS Shenton Income Fund
  • 5 year - DBS Shenton Income Fund

Small Cap Equities

  • 1 year - DBS Shenton Global Advantage Fund

Special Award

  • 5 years - DBS US Growth Fund

CFO Asia

  • Score Four and a Half out of a possible Five Stars for AR 2000 - Best Design and Visuals

Dow Jones

  • Top Fund distributor in 2001

28th Annual Report Award 2001

  • Best Corporate Governance Report Award - Certificate of Special Commendation for a high standard of disclosure


Poll of Best - Managed Singapore companies -
  • Rank 8th - DBS Group Holdings
  • Rank 16th - DBS Bank
Overall Best Investor Relations-
  • Ranked 2nd - DBS Group Holdings
Access to Senior Management:
  • Ranked 1st - DBS Group Holdings
Investor Relations:
  • Ranked 3rd - DBS Group Holdings
Best Managed Company over last 10 Years:
  • Ranked 2nd - DBS Bank
Least Impressive Management:
  • Ranked 2nd - DBS Group Holdings
Best Company Website:
  • Ranked 2nd - DBS Bank & DBS Group Holdings
Best Annual Report:
  • Ranked 3rd - DBS Group Holdings


Mandated Arrangers of Syndicated Credits by Volume: 1/1/01 - 31/12/01 (No of Issues:17)
  • Ranked 19th - DBS
Bookrunners of Syndicated Credits 1/1/01 -31/12/01 (No of Issues:14)
  • Ranked 19th - DBS

Basic Point

Singapore Loans League Table:
  • Ranked Top - DBS Bank

FX Week

Ranked 2nd:
  • Best Bank in Emerging Currencies

The 10 Coolest Ideas of 2001

The POSB discount card is one of the 10 most inspired made-in-Singapore ideas and initiatives that made a difference year 2001


AsiaRisk Domestic Bank Rankings 2001

Ranked 1st:
  • Foreign Exchanged Products
  • Interest Rate Products
  • Equity Derivatives Products

Global Investor

Ranked 1st:
  • Emerging Markets Sub-Custody in Singapore
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