What Guides Us

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity, ethics and professionalism. We believe that sound and effective corporate governance is fundamental to the Group’s long-term success and sustainability. It forms the basis for responsible management, ensures rigor in the decision-making process, and guides our commitment to safeguarding stakeholder’s interest and maximising shareholder value. Our governance is in accordance with relevant provisions in the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance and related guidelines, and banking regulations issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We also align ourselves with international corporate governance best practices.

To achieve effective corporate governance, we have put in place a framework that combines competent leadership, effective risk management and a values-led culture. The Group is directed by an independent Board comprising individuals with diverse skill-sets and experience. Two-thirds of the Board are former bankers and the rest of industry experts in domains ranging form consumer goods to accounting. The Board seeks to ensure that the Group is well-positioned for growth and risk, and provides direction for management by setting, reviewing and overseeing the implementation of the Group’s strategy.

Effective risk management is central to all parts of our organisation.  Our risk management frameworks – approved by the Board – sets the boundaries in which our business groups can operate and achieve their objectives in accordance with our scorecard. Our performance against these objectives determines individual benefits including remuneration and helps drive appropriate behaviours.

We also consider the impact of our decisions and will have on all our stakeholders and strive to strike a balance between long-term priorities and short-term objectives.