How We Bank

Asian Relationships

For us, customer centricity is not just a buzzword. We strive to embody elements of what relationships are about in Asia: a) being there for the long haul, through good times and bad, and b) recognising that relationships have swings and roundabouts, and that every transaction does not have to be profitable in its own right. At DBS, we also value relationships with staff and the community.

Asian Connectivity

We work in a collaborative manner across geographies, supporting our customers as they expand. Our one-bank approach lets us rise above individual country and business line priorities.

Asian Service

We aim for every customer to walk away from any interaction feeling that we have been Respectful, Easy to deal with and Dependable. Our service ethos is characterised by the “humility to serve and the confidence to lead”.

Asian Innovation

We understand that some global solutions do not necessarily apply to Asia. We leverage our insights to constantly innovate new ways of banking as we strive to make banking more intuitive and interactive for our customers.

Asian Insights

We know Asia better and use our knowledge of how to do business in this region to provide unique Asian insights to support our customers’ growth. We leverage our knowledge of local markets to create Asian-specific products to address our customers’ bespoke needs.