Digital leadership

DBS started our digital transformation in 2014 and created one of the most comprehensive digital transformation programmes for a bank. Today, we pride ourselves on being less like a bank and more like a tech company, offering financing services that are highly customised and seamlessly woven into everyday life.

DBS’ digital transformation journey

When we started our digital transformation in 2014, early compared to many of our peers, we wanted to be digital to the core. We worked hard to embed ourselves in the customer journey and create a start-up mindset. Along the way, we also developed a measurement methodology to quantify the impact of our digital transformation on our bottom-line. Taken together, we are now seen as a global leader in digital transformation.

Throughout the global pandemic, we also made significant down payments for the future by launching some new businesses that harness emerging technologies. Given that technological changes could fundamentally reshape the financial system, we must do what we can to stay ahead of the curve. We are putting pokers in the fire and are learning by doing.

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