Decarbonisation is the process of reducing carbon emissions to limit the impact of climate change. For investors, Decarbonisation presents an opportunity, as transitioning to a low-carbon economy requires a radical overhaul of many aspects of the global economy.

Therefore, there is a broad range of companies required to reduce global emissions. It is important to consider not just the direct beneficiaries of the Decarbonisation themes, but the entire supply chains that need to be built around them.

We believe that there are three main drivers towards Decarbonisation – (1) Policies support the move to a low-carbon world. (2) Clean-tech innovation and cost deflation and (3) Changing consumer behaviour as we are more aware of the impact of climate change.


Key Characteristics of Fund

  • Active, high conviction portfolio of 20-40 companies focusing on companies which are contributing to positive environmental change through sustainable decarbonization.
  • Renewable Energy, Electrification and Resource Efficiency are the key investment themes of the fund.
  • Geographically diversified to capture best opportunities around the world.
  • In addition to financial analysis, ESG factors are vigorously reviewed during the bottom-up stock selection process. The team also actively engages with the companies held to monitor and improve their environmental impact.

Fund Managers

Ninety One is an active, global investment manager, with a goal to provide long-term investment returns while making a positive difference to people and the planet. They are co-ordinating strategic engagement across the firm, and is continuing to develop best-in-class ESG integration to support their investment teams.

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