Sustainable Digital Finance in Asia


A collaborative report by DBS and Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance (SDFA).

Data is arguably the most valuable resource in the digital economy. Used effectively and responsibly, it can serve as a driving force in creating a more sustainable world. The potential is especially potent in the financial sector given its central place in the financial system, and its access to and use of data.

Using technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), mobile technology, internet of things (IoT), and the cloud, data can be captured by sensors in environment and structured to integrate sustainability into existing financial products and services. These can be combined to create new sustainable digital finance products. Sustainable Digital Finance (SDF) is the term used to describe these processes.

While SDF has been, to date, primarily focused on aiding social progress, the authors believe that it has equal potential for tackling complex environmental issues. As such, the report shows how digital technology offers new ways of addressing sustainability problems, and how financing can be redirected towards more environmentally efficient users of capital in the process.

This report will be relevant to many, including:

  • Financial institutions considering synergies between sustainability and digital finance;
  • Policy makers interested in financial system development, and
  • Civil society organisations working on harnessing the power of financial and capital markets to deliver environmental and societal goals.

Sustainable Digital Finance in Asia Report


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