DBS’s employee volunteer movement, People of Purpose, brings our values to life, engages our employees, and leverages their time and skills to make meaningful contributions to the communities we live and work in.

In the last five years, thousands of DBS volunteers invested more than 200,000 hours in diverse volunteering initiatives to positively impact the lives of the elderly, children, persons with disabilities and marginalised families across Asia.

We continue to increase our collective impact with programmes that focus on Elderly, Education, and Environment. Why are these social gaps important to address?

  • A quarter of Asia’s population would be aged 60 years & above by 2050. We work towards making ageing easier for the generation that has worked hard for us.

  • In Asia, 13 million children are not attending school and 124 million adults still lack basic literacy. We work to improve access to education and work towards a future where no one is left behind.

  • Asia has the worst air pollution caused by unsustainable agricultural, industrial and lifestyle practices. We work together to safeguard the earth for our future generations.

Leveraging skills to make a difference

Beyond service-based volunteer activation, DBS employees also engage in skills-based volunteering. Leveraging their diverse skills and knowledge in areas such as technology, financial management, data analysis, digital thinking, marketing communications and more, DBS volunteers contribute towards building the organisational capacity of social enterprises supported by  DBS Foundation.

DBS staff constantly step up to solve pressing business issues and challenges that social enterprises face. Watch this video below to see how our skills-based volunteerism programmes take shape and how we put our staff’s problem-solving skills to the test, while solving real business issues of various social enterprises in a single day.

As a purpose-driven organisation, DBS firmly believes that its employees can make meaningful social impact in society through the investment of time, skills and efforts. To understand more about what we do as People of Purpose, watch these  videos  or write to us at  PeopleOfPurpose@dbs.com.

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