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Singapore Coffee Festival ‘16


DBS believes in nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurism and creativity in our home-grown talents and businesses by providing them with platforms to showcase their skills and helping them fulfill their dreams. We are thrilled to partner SPH to bring to life the first-ever Singapore Coffee Festival, an exciting event that will bring together the country’s best baristas to create joyful experiences for everyone. Grab your lattes and be sure to check out our workshops!


Check out the #LiveBettr Lab, jointly presented by DBS and Bettr Barista, for workshop sessions, panel forums and talks by industry experts. Find out more about how you can manage your finances so that you can live more and bank less! Also, have the chance to see for yourselves just how coffee actually changes lives, one cup at a time!

Thursday, 9 June 16

3pm - Choosing a home for your business

What should you look out for when choosing a space for your café or business? Our DBS analysts share tips on real estate.

4pm - Business survival hacks

Learn from ICHEF on how technology is key to surviving and growing your businesses in today’s environment.

5pm - Making cents of cash management

Find out from our DBS experts on how business owners can manage their finances.

Friday, 10 June 16

1pm - Success in Specialty Coffees

And what we can learn from them.

2pm - Perk up your savings with a unique strategy

Just like how brewing that perfect cuppa requires the right ingredients and skills, effective investing requires the right mix of assets as well as expertise. DBS and Schroders Singapore, will be sharing how utilising a multi-asset strategy can help make your money work more effectively for you.

4pm - Out of the Box

Creative ways folks in the industry are executing their coffee game, whether it’s on 2 or 4 wheels

5pm - Lifestyle Aspirations - Act now, or continue dreaming…

Everyone aspires for some things in life. Be it a dream house facing the beach front, or a romantic getaway with your partner, and so on. While aspirations can vary among individuals, among the diversity lies a constant and critically important step – funding for your dreams. DBS and Nikko AM will share how the hassle free and simple concept of using Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) can potentially help beginner investors kick off the journey of funding your dreams.

Saturday, 11 June 16

1pm - Women in Coffee

How women are shaping the coffee industry both in Singapore and in the region.

2:30pm - Latte Art Demo with Caleb Cha

Learn how to make your own latte art from the 2015 World Latte Art Champion!

4pm - The Making of a Champion

A look into the hearts and minds of champs who played to win (beyond the preparations and practice)

5pm - Old School To New World

Stories from families who run food & beverage businesses that have spanned generations and who are embracing the best of their rich history and reinventing it for the future

Sunday, 12 June 16

1pm - Conscious Consumption

How can we live and buy better? Join us for a chat with local social entrepreneurs as we demystify conscious consumption and socially conscious living.

2:30pm - Latte Art for Good

Check out amazing Instagrammable consumable art by 2015 World Latte Art Champion Caleb Cha and get your own personalised latte for a good cause.

4pm - Coffee & Chocolate: A Perfect Pairing

From classic combinations to unexpected blends, experience unique pairings of freshly roasted coffee by Bettr Barista and artisanal chocolates from Kakoa.

5pm - From Bean to Belly

What really goes into making a bar of chocolate or a cup of coffee? Find out more about sustainable sourcing and how your food can positively impact lives.

9 June 16

10 June 16

11 June 16

12 June 16

Shop for artisanal coffees, teas and snacks from social enterprises at The Good Market, a socially conscious market presented by Asia for Good, an initiative of the DBS Foundation. Visit to find out more.


(10-12 June 2016 at the F1 pit building)

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