Taking on a daring adventure with 5G technologies

“I joined DBS as a Management Associate (MA) in 2019. During my second rotation in the Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) team, I was asked to manage a project on 5G technologies.

It was nerve-racking, to be honest, as I didn’t have an academic background in engineering or the natural sciences; I majored in economics. My previous role was focused on researching manufacturing and heavy industries in Greater China for an investment advisory house, so 5G technologies was a field totally new to me, and it was a complex, multi-faceted topic to tackle.

One of my first tasks was to do deep research and then present my findings to senior colleagues at Institutional Banking Group (IBG). The growth of 5G technologies meant that there were new investment opportunities for DBS clients and new digital capabilities that we could tap on. I was to help facilitate their understanding of the topic so that they would be able to onboard new clients efficiently and effectively.

At first, I really struggled with where to even begin my research. With the two months I was given to prepare, I decided to first start learning the fundamentals of its terminologies, and even familiarised myself with the 5G components in smartphones, from the antenna to the switch to its sensors.

I watched YouTube videos, read whitepapers of telco brands such as Ericsson and Nokia, content databases of Bloomberg and Taiwan Economic Journal (TEJ), semiconductor engineering journals and interviewed professionals familiar with the field. I wanted to understand all its aspects so that I could present a holistic picture and also identify opportunities that would help my colleagues.

The topic itself is filled with jargon, so I had to present my research in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. I also wanted to keep it engaging as it could get complicated with all the various terminologies.

I sought feedback from my managers, peers and friends to sharpen my slides and presentation. Thanks to their support, I managed to deliver my speech to over 70 colleagues in IBG, including the CEO of DBS Taiwan.

The positive feedback I got encouraged me, and I feel proud knowing that I was able to contribute to improving the understanding and potential that 5G technologies hold for my department and colleagues.

Now, as a junior Relationship Manager in IBG, i can leverage on my knowledge of 5G technologies to quickly understand our clients' businesses and identify potential opportunities in the field.

For me, the MA programme is like a daring adventure. There are ups and downs and challenges to conquer, but it will also bring about peaks in your career. I’m glad I took on the task and didn’t turn it down despite my uncertainty.”

- Ham Huang, Corporate Banking, DBS Taiwan