Navigating a job pivot... a new home & a wedding

30 January 2024

“A chicken kebab, with corn and no black beans – a simple surprise delivery order, but one that made me feel completely loved. My fiancé had placed the order, knowing it’ll cheer me up as I worked on a late Saturday afternoon.

This day is usually reserved for dates with my fiancé, but here I was in the office with the team, in the midst of preparing an important report.

Over the last few months, I’ve been putting more hours into work, as I navigate the steep learning curve of a job pivot.

As life would have it, my busiest time at work also coincides with some… pretty huge life changes – we’re in the midst of planning our wedding in March, and ironing out the logistics of moving into a new home.

On the job front, I’ve made the pivot from fronting audits, and mitigating tech risks – skills I honed over the last four years – to being part of the tech team that works on improving the resiliency of the bank’s digital applications.

Where I once played defense to protect the bank from risks, I’m now on the offense, working with teams across departments to actively find ways to improve the bank’s tech resiliency in a sustainable manner for the long term.

Lately, as part of the bank’s push to strengthen our tech resiliency, work has gotten more hectic and challenging. Still, no complaints – I’ve been learning so much more, both in technical knowledge and the bank’s resiliency initiatives.

One of the main improvements we’re working on include looking at over 100 key customer journeys, and identifying applications that are most commonly used to ensure their functions are always available to customers.

For instance, ensuring customers always have an alternative way to pay. If they are not able to use PayLah!, they can simply switch over to digibank. What it boils down to –ensuring that our key services are available to our customers and so that we can minimise any impact and inconvenience to customers.

The work is tough, but I’m grateful for the opportunity, and the trust colleagues place in me to drive their projects, as we strive towards the same end goal!

I also feel like I’m in good hands with my bosses and team, who freely offer their advice – both in the professional and personal front! Even in our busyness, they remember to check in how I’m coping with marriage preparations and offer their help.

Thankfully, my fiancé, who works at DBS as well in a different department, has been completely understanding throughout this tough period.

Of course, she’s also my greatest encouragement. She’s been learning to cook new recipes, and frequently sends pictures of her scrumptious food! It’s often a motivation to finish up my work, so I can go home to the meal… and her of course!”

- Png Kian Kwok, Technology & Operations Future Ready Team