6 times fathers went above and beyond

Very often, the idea of being a parent is taken literally—an adult who oversees and is responsible for the upbringing and development of a younger individual. It’s a rare case to consider the people who function in similar capacities to communities, striving to do all that fathers do, and often going unrecognised.

This Father’s Day, we’re taking the opportunity to thank and recognise those who continue doing a service to society in ways comparable to a father within a family. Join us as we share these portraits of purpose, of people who make the world feel like home.


To the fathers who put food on our tables

Rahim Bin Abu Bakar’s job as a limousine driver ferrying guests from the airport ceased because of Covid-19. Then, he found new purpose delivering meals to those in need.

When the pandemic hit, many found themselves in tough spots. Some lost income, others lost jobs entirely, and all were suffering in one way or another. But when given the opportunity, Mr Rahim bin Abu Bakar seized the chance to help others by working with The Food Bank to deliver food to the elderly and just about anyone who needed the support.

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To the fathers who travel miles for us

In India, road freight moves nearly 65% of the cargo. Truckers have an important job, ensuring that goods and supplies get to where they are needed.

It’s a small world, after all—but only because of the tireless crew people who’re dedicated to the arduous task of ensuring the transit of resource and material. And in countries like India, that arduous task is all that much tougher. Mr Manoj Kumar is one of the many truck drivers in India who are responsible for the nation’s access to resources across the sub-continent.

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To the fathers who nature and grow

Mr Guo Zheng Zhi is one of many small scale farmers in Taiwan who feed communities, sometimes with tasty seasonal fruits like peaches and mangoes.

For eons, farmers like Mr Guo Zheng Zhi have ensured the provision of sustenance to their communities. With today’s increasingly globalised market only connecting each and every one of us even more, the ancient role of farming has become one of the more crucial necessities of the modern world. But such responsibility does not come without greater demand.

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To the people who bring joy to our doorsteps

At first light, dozens of cyclists pack their bags with packages of staple food to feed the community with. Mr Khoirul Anam is a drink vendor on wheels.

Not often enough do we remember that food delivery as a service pre-dates recent trends. Even prior to commercial service providers, the delivery of food has been an integral component of any community hosting the elderly, differently abled, or less fortunate. And in some places, this task continues to be shouldered by those who seek to ensure the well-being of all.

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To the fathers who work everyday to protect us

At textile company Yibin Grace, an unassuming piece of fabric during normal times is life-saving equipment in emergencies.

Beyond providing for their children, fathers are constantly considering how best to protect their children. In the heart of a pandemic, the idea of protecting your community is one that is an ever-pressing issue. Only the most determined and dedicated are capable of keeping their family afloat while seeking greater solutions.

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To the parents whose children would do anything for

A filial daughter behind bars wanted to send care to her elderly parents with a little covert help.

The lengths to which parents go to take care of their children can sometimes only be matched by the distance children are willing to go to cater for their parents. It’s an uphill task, at times, but it’s one that is reflective of mutual respect and exemplary of the unique bond between parent and child.

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The work of a parent extends far beyond homes, and beyond the convention of family trees. With the glimmering light of individuals who love, provide, and nurture as parents do, society will only get stronger together.