Four reasons for you to go cashless


DBS’ comedy show, The Funny in Money, offers a tongue-in-cheek view of cashless living

Does cashless just mean having no money? What does the QR in QR codes really stand for, and how do they work? PayNow, PayLah! and payWAVE – what is the difference?

For the less tech-inclined, Singapore’s move towards a cashless society might sound like a daunting, if not confusing, process. Fear not, it doesn’t have to be so! Mobile wallets like DBS PayLah! or peer-to-peer funds transfer services like PayNow can have very simple, practical uses in your everyday life.

To illustrate this, DBS presented a one-day comedy show offering a light-hearted take on cashless living. The show, titled “DBS Presents THE FUNNY IN MONEY”, starred Hossan Leong, Pam Oei and Fakkah Fuzz.

Here’s what we learnt from the trio about going cashless:

1. You stop holding up queues while you look for change

The line’s growing longer behind you, and you’re frantically digging into your wallet for that 50-cent coin to pay your bill. You can feel the stares at the back of your neck. Here’s where your Visa payWave enabled debit or credit card comes in handy! Tap the card or your phone (using a payment app) on the terminal at the cashier and you’re done!

DBS Funny In Money: ​Hossan on Cutting Queues : 1:01

2. No more fighting to foot the bill

It’s always nice to be treated to a meal, but sometimes you want to be the generous one. You don’t have to sneak off to pick up the tab or try to get your dinner partner to accept your money. Simply launch the DBS PayLah! app and transfer the amount to the person who paid the bill. Now, who has the last laugh?

Main DBS Comedy Show Hossan on I run Maidan : 1:13

3. You won’t be the person who gives a $50 note for a 90-cent purchase

You don’t mean to make things difficult. It just so happens you only have a $50-note to pay for that cup of coffee. When you use a mobile wallet or payment app, you’ll always pay with exact change.

DBS Funny In Money: ​Pam on Death Stares No More : 0:54

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4. No more grimy notes

For the cleanliness-minded, handling notes and coins that have passed through multiple hands is not the most hygienic. Pam describes it best:

DBS Funny In Money: Pam on Keep Clean and Scan More : 1:07

Interested in going cashless, but not sure how to start? Watch on to find out how Hossan Leong began his DBS PayLah! journey.

DBS Funny In Money: Hossan on His First Time with PayLah! in a Cab : 1:57

Watch the full show:

DBS Presents: The Funny In Money : 48:55