In today’s digital age, we know you want banking to be simple, seamless and invisible, so that you can spend time on the people and things you care about.

Recognising this, we’ve spent the last few years reimagining banking. And now, we believe the time has come to truly embody a new kind of banking.

Our commitment is this – we’ll be working doubly hard to enable you to live hassle-free with invisible banking, seize life’s opportunities and live larger than yourselves. In other words, to “Live more, Bank less”.

It’s more than just a tagline – it’s a promise that we are making.

Live hassle-free with invisible banking

Useful Tips to Enjoy Airport VIP Lounge Service

What services do airport VIP Lounge offer? How do you apply for access? And what is the most cost -effective way in doing so?

Live larger than yourself

Yu-sheng X Dialogue in the Dark In the dark, you get the change to explore who you are

This dark Spiritual dialogue concert actually gave me an unforgettable trip, said Yu-Sheng, one of Taiwan’s famous celebrities.

Seize life’s opportunities

3 ways of earning mileages for travelers

Curious on what is travel mileage? How do you earn it? And what is the best way in doing so?

Live hassle-free with invisible banking

A 3 min quick guide to understanding large amount currency exchange

Find out the cheapest way to exchange currency when studying abroad.

Live larger than yourself

Taiwan Taike Story X DuoFu Holidays With DuoFu, you can enjoy a nice disability-friendly trip

"Taiwan Taike Story," one of Taiwan’s famous Youtubers, features issues on culture, environmental protection and social cares. They spent one day to experience a disability -friendly trip provided by DuoFu Holidays. Find out how’s its like.

Seize life’s opportunities

3 ways to support you when studying abroad

We've put together a few financial tips to help you as you study abroad & pursue your dreams.

Live larger than yourself

Ray Du X THE CAN The new Sansia old street

In Ray’s memory of the Sansia Old Street, there were only the old streets, nothing else. However, after visiting THE CAN, Ray had a whole new view. Let’s find out

Live larger than yourself

“Not just about the milk, but the whole industry change,” said Puremilk

Puremilk, the one and only milk brand in Taiwan founded by a dairy cattle vet, is committed to reforming Taiwan’s dairy with fair trade and quality offer. How do they achieve this? Let’s find out at how the vet team supervises the whole productive process in dairy farms, and on fair trade with the farm.

Live larger than yourself

Run a “not revenue-driven” business? “Protect the environment first. Sell the seafood later,” Asher thus claimed

Asher aims to change Taiwan's fishing farming environment gradually. They believe the soil conservation problem should be solved first in order to establish a perfect ecological chain, and hence improve the overall fishing farming environment.