Is Green Fashion Just GreenWashing?

Let’s not hide from the truth.

Green fashion is complicated, with so many brands “greenwashing” their products to seem sustainable, when it is really just a facade. Underneath their marketing, you can see how wasteful the industry practices really are. Often, it is difficult to see through this problem.

But true green fashion does exist - and the entrepreneurial community is growing fast!

Be it reducing the carbon footprint of the final product, making the product recyclable, or sourcing textile materials ethically, there are lots of inspiring new brands leading the way.

Made in Sample is a social enterprise that truly champions the environment. It was founded by Clive, an interior designer by trade. Throughout his career, Clive observed the sheer waste produced by the interior design industry. In a flash of genius, he realised how he could turn waste into fashionable products.

Pictured: Recycled fabric make beautiful patterns.

Clive and his team collects bundles of fabric, wallpaper, and leather and stitches the materials into beautiful cushions, bags and pouches. On his e-commerce website, Clive’s handcrafted designs are described to have ‘extended the life cycle of material and redefined its value’. His stylish creations creates a circular economy that turns waste to fashion and round again.

Many more are following in its footsteps, in order to create fashionable pieces from recycled materials.

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